What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Thrift Stores?

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Miami is all ears for thrift stores in our area. We’ve got tailor-made storage and moving solutions ready to roll. Flexibility? That’s our middle name. But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to invite you to our National Accounts Program – it’s like getting VIP access to discounted services designed with your unique needs in mind.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Accommodates Big Donations:

  • UNITS® containers open their arms wide to accommodate those generous big donations. Thrift stores, listen up – you can handle those substantial contributions without crowding your place.

Seasonal Inventory Management:

  • Say goodbye to seasonal inventory headaches. UNITS® containers help thrift stores smoothly transition through different times of the year. Your items are at your fingertips when needed and tucked away safely during the quieter periods.

Donation Events Made Simple:

  • When hosting donation events, UNITS® containers are your secret weapon. They offer a secure, dedicated spot for incoming donations, keeping things organized for your collection and processing efforts.

Off-site Donation Collection:

  • Coat drives and offsite collection? UNITS® containers have your back. Thrift stores, you can spread your wings and gather items from all over. These containers guarantee secure storage until the items are ready to hit the scene.

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse:

  • Our climate-controlled warehouse in Medley is a haven for those temperature-sensitive treasures, from antiques to wooden furniture. They’ll remain in tip-top condition and hold their value over time.

Overflow Storage Solution:

  • When overflow storage challenges strike, UNITS® containers are your trusty sidekick. No more clutter during peak seasons or special events – these containers keep everything in check, ensuring your shoppers have a pleasant experience.

Large Capacity for Big Sales:

  • Picture this – the mighty 12′ and 16′ UNITS® containers, with capacities of up to 6,000 and 8,000 pounds, respectively. They’re the stars of the show during big sales or clearance extravaganzas, making sure you’re always prepared to meet customer demand.

Oversized Items and Furniture:

  • Large furniture and bulky items, meet your match. UNITS® containers boast roomy interiors, making logistics a breeze for thrift stores managing diverse inventory.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

Thrift stores, listen up – UNITS® containers are here to transform your storage game. These containers come packed with features that cater to your unique needs. Fluctuating inventory levels? No problem. UNITS® containers smoothly handle big donations, seasonal treasures, and overflow storage like champs. What’s even better? They can carry up to 6,000 pounds in a 12′ container and a whopping 8,000 pounds in a 16′ version. Oversized furniture? Consider it sorted. This smart approach streamlines your operations and ensures every inch of your space is put to optimal use.

Donation events and offsite collections? UNITS® containers have you covered. They carve out secure and accessible spaces to store incoming donations until they’re ready for sorting and processing. With their weather-resistant design, you can wave goodbye to worries about the elements during outdoor events. Plus, our climate-controlled storage warehouse is a savior for your temperature-sensitive items. It ensures your antiques and wooden furniture remain in top-notch condition over the long haul, offering convenient offsite storage options.

UNITS® containers align seamlessly with thrift stores’ commitment to sustainability and efficient resource management. By offering a storage solution that’s not just convenient but also eco-friendly, these containers help you steer clear of the need for costly off-site storage and unnecessary transportation woes – we’ve got transportation handled. The outcome? Cost savings and a more environmentally conscious approach to managing your inventory. As thrift stores strive to create tidy and shopper-friendly spaces, UNITS® containers become your go-to tool for keeping things organized, maximizing space, and ensuring quick access for both your team and your customers.


Contact UNITS® of Miami

Getting in touch with UNITS® of Miami for your storage needs is a breeze. Whether you’re using our Instant Quote Form on the website or giving us a direct call, we’re all ears. What sets us apart? Our locally owned and operated nature ensures that personal touch and a deep understanding of your community’s storage needs. And hey, if you’re looking to supercharge your storage solutions, our National Accounts Program is the ticket. It unlocks specialized discounts and services tailored to your operational requirements. Ready to level up your thrift store game? Reach out to UNITS® of Miami today and let’s make storage solutions work like a charm for you!