The Best Local Customer Service

UNITS® of Miami provides a unique service compared to self storage with our local ownership and operating facility. You won’t be sent off-site or placed in an automated call center when you contact us – instead, you’ll connect directly with individuals from your community who understand the area and can answer all queries regarding moving and storage needs. Additionally, we prioritize giving customers complete satisfaction over any other factor; after all, no one cares more about making sure that your experience goes smoothly than YOU! Now try finding such exceptional customer care at a generic self storage provider… good luck!


UNITS® understands that affordability is essential for our customers in Miami. Because of this, we always strive to provide the most competitive prices available in comparison to self storage facilities. To prove it, get a quote from us today and conduct your own price comparison – you won’t be disappointed! Moreover, rest assured knowing that with UNITS®, there are never any hidden costs or fees – period!

Long Term Contracts? No Thanks!

At UNITS® of Miami, we don’t believe in tying our customers into lengthy contracts. Instead, we offer month-to-month agreements and won’t ever force you to commit further than that. We like to keep things straightforward – no tricks or gimmicks! Our flexible rental terms mean that you’re free to store your items with us for as long as is necessary – without any pressure from us.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® of Miami, forget about the burden and cost of multiple packing trips or renting a truck with daily rates. Our containers are brought to your door and collected right back at your location – no driving required. Pack once, save time and money!

Built Tough

UNITS® containers are constructed to last. Steel frames, steel doors and Morgans/Supremes FRP sides provide the ultimate weather-protection guaranteeing our customers the most rugged self storage containers around! Other forms of self storage simply don’t compare in comparison when it comes to construction materials or durability.

More Interior Space & Capacity

With UNITS® of Miami containers, you can guarantee a spacious and secure storage solution. Our expansive door design allows us to fit more cubic feet inside our containers than some self-storage facilities! So when it comes time to find the right company for all your extra room needs, remember: UNITS® of Miami gives you MAXIMUM space.