Why a UNITS® Container is Right for Your Restaurant

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers a range of tailored storage solutions to address the unique needs of restaurants. Restaurant owners face numerous challenges in ensuring their establishments’ smooth and efficient operation. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers comprehensive solutions designed to alleviate these challenges and enhance overall efficiency.

Whether optimizing space, ensuring the availability of essential supplies, or streamlining logistics, UNITS® containers provide a versatile and reliable option for restaurants of all sizes. This makes UNITS® perfect for equipment storage. By utilizing UNITS®’ on-site and off-site storage, transportation services, and support for PPE management, owners can focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional dining experiences to their customers with UNITS®.

Our solutions include:

  • Space Optimization: UNITS® containers efficiently optimize restaurant space, allowing for smoother operations and better customer service.
  • Streamlined Access: On-site containers enable easy access to essential materials, reducing downtime and improving staff productivity.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage: UNITS®’ climate-controlled warehouses ensure the preservation of perishable items and climate-sensitive supplies.
  • Transportation Services: UNITS®’ transport services simplify the movement of goods between restaurant locations and for catering events, saving time and effort.
  • PPE Management: UNITS® containers support the organized storage and distribution of PPE, helping maintain safety standards.
  • Security and Accessibility: UNITS® offers secure and accessible storage options, giving owners peace of mind regarding their valuable assets.
  • Flexibility: UNITS® containers can adapt to evolving restaurant needs, making them a versatile solution for short-term and long-term storage requirements.


Streamlining Operations with On-Site Container Storage for Restaurants

One of the foremost challenges restaurants face is efficient space management within their premises. Restaurants require ample space for seating, kitchen operations, and customer service. However, the need for storage space for supplies, equipment, and non-perishable ingredients often competes with these essential functions. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers a practical solution with on-site container storage.

These 16-foot (or 12-foot) containers can be placed conveniently on the premises, optimizing available space.

Here’s how on-site container storage can streamline restaurant operations:

  • Easy Access to Needed Materials: With on-site containers, restaurant staff can access necessary materials, ingredients, and equipment quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the time-consuming process of retrieving items from distant or cramped storage facilities.
  • Enhanced Organization: UNITS® containers can be organized to categorize supplies, ensuring everything is accessible and well-maintained. This organization not only reduces operational inefficiencies but also improves staff productivity.
  • Minimized Disruptions: On-site storage minimizes disruptions during busy hours since staff can access what they need without leaving the premises. This translates to improved customer service and seamless operations.
  • Seasonal Storage: Restaurants often have seasonal equipment and décor that must be stored when not used. UNITS® containers provide a flexible solution for storing items like outdoor furniture, holiday decorations, and more during off-seasons.

Off-Site, Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage

While on-site storage offers immediate access to essentials, off-site storage options are essential for restaurants, especially when maintaining quality and safety standards for perishable and climate-sensitive items. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers off-site, climate-controlled warehouse storage right in town, ensuring goods remain in optimal condition.

Here are the benefits:

  • Temperature Control: Maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels is crucial for preserving the freshness and quality of ingredients and perishable supplies. UNITS®’ climate-controlled warehouses guarantee ideal conditions for your stored items.
  • Inventory Management: By offloading non-essential or seasonal items to off-site storage, restaurant owners can free up valuable on-site space for daily operations. This not only enhances organization but also improves workflow.
  • Secure and Accessible: UNITS®’ off-site warehouses are secure and accessible. Your restaurant staff can retrieve items as needed, ensuring you have control and visibility over your inventory.

Easy Moving and Transportation of Goods Between Locations

Restaurant businesses often require moving supplies, equipment, and furnishings between various locations, whether opening a new branch, participating in catering events, or renovating. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage simplifies this process with their transport services.

  • Efficient Relocation: When opening a new branch, UNITS® containers can be packed with supplies, furniture, and equipment at the existing location and transported to the new one. This eliminates the need for multiple trips and minimizes downtime.
  • Catering and Events: For catering services or events hosted away from the restaurant, UNITS® containers offer a convenient way to transport everything needed, from utensils and plates to food prep equipment and decorations.
  • Renovations and Remodels: Temporary storage can be a lifesaver during restaurant renovations or remodels. UNITS® containers provide a secure and accessible space to store items while work is done.

Organization and Storage of PPE for Staff

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) has become vital to restaurant operations. Ensuring a steady supply of PPE for staff is crucial for employees’ and customers’ safety and well-being. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage can play a pivotal role in PPE management.

  • Bulk PPE Storage: UNITS® containers can store PPE supplies in bulk, ensuring that your restaurant always has an adequate stock of masks, gloves, and other essential items.
  • Centralized Distribution: With an organized and centralized storage system, you can efficiently distribute PPE to staff members as needed, ensuring uniform adherence to safety protocols.
  • Inventory Monitoring: UNITS®’ storage containers can be equipped with inventory tracking systems, allowing you to monitor PPE levels and replenish supplies promptly.
  • Flexibility in Response to Changing Requirements: As safety guidelines and PPE requirements evolve, UNITS®’ flexible storage solutions enable restaurants to adapt quickly and efficiently to new standards.

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