​​Moving & Portable Storage Services in Springfield, FL

Are you planning for a move to Springfield? Well, we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Jacksonville, Florida, can help you make that move. As a moving and storage service that shares its roots with Springfield, we provide people with moving plans that specifically address the needs of the local community. 

Our services are often specialized to cater to our client’s individual needs.  We make sure that our service is hassle-free and does not involve any stressful situations. Making the moving process enjoyable for our customers is a priority for us.

We provide you with UNITS storage containers by delivering them straight to your doorstep as soon as you call. After that, we encourage our clients to pack without worrying about the time. Not to mention, our storage containers come integrated with our Robo-lift technology. 

Thanks to this technology, we can protect our customer’s belongings, regardless of the uncertain road conditions. Our clients also have access to our climate-controlled storage facility. This allows them to store their valuables in a safe and secure location. 

Call us today at (904) 298-6939 and get a free quote on our UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Jacksonville, Florida containers.  

Enjoy Local Attractions at Springfield! 

There are many interesting things about the neighborhood and city of Springfield that make it an exciting place to move to.  It is not just a historic district with beautiful pre-colonial architecture, but it also has cultural interests.

Henry J. Klutho Park

Amongst many other parks in the city, this one stands out as it is in the middle of Atlanta in Springfield. Overall, it offers a vast open green space where you can perform many activities and have a fun time with your family. 

Warren W. Schell Jr. Memorial Park

Even though there is not much to this park, it still makes for a fantastic place to spend some quality time with a loved one or interact with the locals. 

Packing and Storing Supplies in Springfield 

New residents always face packing troubles and need essential tools like foam wraps and boxes. Below are places where you can find them. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

9525 Regency Square Blvd No, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States

(904) 855-8088

The Home Depot

855 Lane Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205, United States

(904) 781-6208

Carson’s Home Repair and Improvements

421 W Church St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, United States

(863) 602-8695




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