UNITS® Comes to You.

With UNITS®, there's no need to go anywhere else – we deliver the storage container right to you! Our UNITS® containers are designed to fit perfectly in your driveway and are street-legal, ensuring a hassle-free and accessible solution. Utilizing our innovative ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, we ensure that your container is delivered at ground level, preventing any shifting within the container and reducing wear and tear on your driveway.

Long Distance Move? No Problem!
Pack At Your Own Pace.

Unlike other moving companies, UNITS® of Huntsville prioritizes your convenience and peace of mind. We never want you to feel overwhelmed or rushed while packing and moving your belongings. Take your time and pack at a pace that suits you best. Packing can be daunting, and we are here to alleviate that burden, providing you with the freedom to pack at your own speed.

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When You're Ready, We Will Pick Up Your UNITS® Container.

Once you've completed loading your UNITS® container, we will personally meet you to pick up the moving container and carefully load it onto our truck for the moving process. Rest assured that no matter where your container needs to go, we will handle the logistics and ensure it reaches its destination safely and on time.

Away You Go!

At UNITS® of Huntsville, your peace of mind is our priority. We take all necessary precautions to protect your valuables and the container during transportation to your new home. Following your designated schedule, we ensure the container is available at your new location upon arrival. Once you're done unpacking, we promptly take the container off your hands, making the process smooth and straightforward.

How to Properly and Safely Load a Container.

Moving might seem daunting, but with some helpful tips, you can confidently and securely load your UNITS® container, keeping your belongings well-protected throughout the journey. Careful packing and planning can simplify your long-distance move and prevent damage to your precious items during transit. Watch the informative video from UNITS® of Huntsville to discover essential techniques for ensuring the safety of your items during the move.

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