Home to about 36,000 people, Addison is a village in IL that many call their home. If you are one of the many that want acquaintance with the humble and friendly community of Addison, Chicago, then we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can help you fulfill your wish.

As a locally owned storage company, we understand the desire of living in a secluded and peaceful environment. Thus, our business processes are affordable, efficient, and easy for the local community. 

Despite our lower prices, we make sure that we do not compromise on quality, and thus, incorporate the moving procedures with technologically advanced ROBO-lift integration.  This allows us to transport your belongings through tight spaces without the risks of any road damages. 

Moreover, we also provide a climate controlled storage facility in which you can store your possessions without having to worry about them. With our services, your moving experience will be smooth sailing.

You are one call away from acquiring our UNITS containers that you can use to pack your belongings without any problems. We do not believe in rushing out clients to finish up on their packing — when you receive your UNIT, pack it at your leisure. Call now at, (847) 262-3534 and get a free quote on our products now. 

Interested in living the village life of Addison? Check out these local attractions.

Only nineteen miles from Downtown Chicago, Addison is a small village that has a friendly close-knit community that is welcoming to new settlers. If you are looking to move yourself, or your family to a quiet and safe space, then Addison is the best choice. 

Waveland Picnic Field

If you want to witness the scenic beauty of Addison, along with the thriving community, then you must visit here. Adjoining this picnic spot is a softball field and tennis court, which makes this spot to be an athletic epicenter. 

Bill Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary

For avid bird watchers this spot is more or less heaven. A beautiful track to walk about, amongst the extraordinary bird species, makes for a memorable and vibrant time. 

Packing Supplies in Addison 

Below is an essential list of home improvement stores where you can get crucial packing supplies that are pivotal for moving to a new place. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

1360 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States


Uptown Ace Hardware

4654 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, United States


The Home Depot

2665 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States


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