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UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is a locally-based moving and self-storage company that serves the Palatine area with professional services that far surpass what local moving companies can offer! If you’re interested in learning more about our services, call (847) 262-3534 today or fill out the quote form above!

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Chicago rents high-quality, durable UNITS storage containers to serve any and all of your moving or self-storage needs in Palatine, IL. The process is easy: first, let us drop off one of our patented UNITS storage containers at your home. Then, take your time and fill the container with your valuables. You will never have to stress over running out of time: UNITS gives you the freedom to pack at your own convenience and on your own schedule! Then, give us a call back at (847) 262-3534 so that we can come by and pick up your UNITS storage container in Palatine and transport it to wherever you need: we can transport it to your new home or we can transport the storage container to our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled storage facility.

Our moving and portable storage services are all centered around our UNITS moving and portable storage containers. These containers have been specially designed so that your belongings remain in the same conditions you packed them. Each UNIT storage container is built with durable and breathable material that protect against weather, UV light, water, mold, and more! They also come with steel framing for extra support and a strapping system to prevent your items from shifting and breaking during transportation. If you’re interested in learning more about UNITS storage containers, call (847) 262-3534!

Listen To What Previous Customers of UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Northwest Chicago Have to Say

As a result of our unique approach to moving and portable storage, UNITS has helped thousands of customers in the past make their journey far easier and faster than with traditional services. Read a message one of our previous customers left for us below:

Amanda Baron writes with 5 stars that, “I work for a restoration company and every once in awhile we will need a container to store a customers contents. We called a competitor first (our mistake) and they couldn’t come out for almost 4 days. We decided to call UNITS and I spoke with Tom, the owner, directly. We requested a container for the next day and he said he could even get it out there the same day if we needed. We did actually need it ASAP but I had low expectations due to the other company being so behind. Tom had a container delivered the same day!! It was a unique situation where the customer lived in an apartment so placing the unit was difficult. He made it seem like it was nothing! His unit was small enough to only take up one parking spot (all the association would allow us). We needed him again the next week and he had a unit delivered within an hour this time. He is just amazing to work with and QUICK. He has raised my expectations for how business should be performed. Plus, his units are way nicer than competitors. I have more confidence in using Tom than anyone else. Great work, Tom!”

Local Tips for Living In Palatine, IL

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Buffalo Grove knows how difficult it is to get settled into a new city in the beginning. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important things to know for those looking to get situated into Palatine, IL.

Community Events: click here for a calendar of fun community events local to Palatine!

Library District:
A great center for educational resources, entertainment, and community activities
700 N North Ct,
Palatine, IL 60067
(847) 358-5881

Palatine Park District:
providing parks, facilities, and recreational activities for the families of Palatine
250 E. Wood Street,
Palatine, IL 60067

Northwest Community Hospital
800 W Central Rd,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 618-1000

Looking to get some more information about this town? Click here!

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