Moving to Warminster, PA? Let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage help get you there!

Looking forward to settling in but dreading the stress of moving? Let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service of Bucks County be there to help make it easier!

Our process is simple and flexible. Starting with a quick phone call, a UNITS team member will get to you know you and the needs of your move so we can help you select the right size container for your move and schedule your drop off date, all during your initial call!

Once delivered, take all the time and space that you need to pack your container, so you can make the move on your schedule.  When you’re ready, let UNITS know and a team of experienced professionals will haul your container to wherever you need it next.

Whether UNITS transports it right to your new home or to a storage facility to keep it safe until you’re ready to move in, UNITS is there for you. When you’re done unloading, simply have out UNITS team come to remove your empty container that that’s it! No hassle and no tricky planning! Just pack and unpack and UNITS will handle the rest!

Get started moving with UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service of  Bucks County today!


Get to know your new home of Warminster, PA!

Right in the heart and in the center of Bucks County, Warminster Township is full of life and a great place to live and work! With easy access to major transportation, it is easy to live or work in the area and still get to major cities, like Philadelphia.

Warminster is also home to more than 400-acres of passive and active parks and public grounds.  The township also is proud of its business campuses, office/industrial areas and commercial opportunities, making it a perfect place to grow, both personally and professionally.  Learn more about Warminster Township and all that it has to offer at the Warminster Township’s Official Website.


Helpful links in Warminster

Harbor Freight Tools:

962 W Street Rd

Warminster, PA 18974

(267) 755-4950

The Home Depot:

650 Easton Rd

Warrington, PA 18976

(215) 491-0189

The UPS Store:

868 W Street Rd

Warminster, PA 18974

(215) 672-5330

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