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The search for moving and storage services in Roebling is over! Look no further than UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Bucks & Mercer County. We will take the stress out of moving or storing your belongings with our portable storage containers that are delivered to you in a timely manner and then relocated to your new residence or stored at our convenient facility.

Once you are ready to start your journey with UNITS, just give us a call, and we will drop off your container. As you pack, take your time as we encourage you to set your own pace. Then, once you are packed, just let us know where to deliver the container, and our team of experts will do the rest! We are here to take the worry and anxiety out of your moving or storage experience. We will keep your belongings safe and secure in our climate-controlled storage facility if you choose to store the container.

Being locally owned and operated, we are devoted to helping the residents of Roebling, New Jersey, with their moving and storage needs. Call UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Bucks & Mercer County at (609) 245-6226 to get your free quote today!


Moving to Roebling? Check Out These Local Attractions

Roebling is a small and historically significant town named after John A. Roebling, the renowned wire rope engineer and inventor. The town is famously associated with the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, as the Roebling Steel Company manufactured the wire cables used in the bridge’s construction. Read on to see some of our favorite attractions in Roebling:

Roebling Museum

The Roebling Museum, situated in the heart of the town, is a tribute to the town’s industrial legacy and its role in engineering history. Visitors can explore interactive exhibits, artifacts, and archival materials that delve into the fascinating story of John A. Roebling, his wire rope innovations, and the construction of iconic structures like the Brooklyn Bridge. The museum also hosts events and programs that celebrate the town’s heritage.

Crystal Lake Park

Crystal Lake Park is a picturesque recreational area nestled amid natural beauty. This expansive park offers a range of amenities, including walking trails, picnic areas, and a serene lake, providing a perfect backdrop for outdoor activities and relaxation. With its tranquil ambiance and diverse recreational opportunities, Crystal Lake Park beckons visitors to unwind and enjoy the splendor of nature in Burlington County.


Moving Supplies and Packing Boxes in Roebling, New Jersey

Everyone knows that moving can be intimidating, but the right packing supplies, such as boxes, foam wraps, and more, can help you stay organized and keep your belongings safe and secure. Find packing supplies and whatever else you may need at these local home improvement stores.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

1000 Marketplace Blvd.

Hamilton Township, NJ 08691

(609) 581-8740


The Home Depot

750 US-130

Robbinsville Twp., NJ 08691

(609) 585-0411


Costello’s Ace Hardware of Mercerville

318 NJ-33

Mercerville, NJ 08619

(609) 689-1000


Make sure that your moving or storage journey in Roebling is a success with the help of UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Bucks & Mercer County. For a free quote, call (609) 245-6226.

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