Originally named Weber City, Peterson is home to many peaceful and happy residents of Utah. It is an unincorporated community. This means there is no municipal body who is governing this small settlement in the Morgan Valley. If you are interested in abandoning a life full of constant stimuli, and moving to a location where you can empty your mind and breathe in the freshest of air, then Peterson, Utah stands as the best candidate.   

We, at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can help you move to this location. Our business predicates upon moving, storing, and packing. If you call us just once, we will deliver one of our UNITS containers to your doorstep as soon as possible. Moreover, our containers also integrate ROBO-Lift® technology, which keeps your belongings safe from sharp edges and turns.

When we deliver your container, you’re free to load it on your own time. When you’re ready, we’ll get your container ready for transport.

We also provide our customers with a climate-controlled storage facility in which you, as our client, are free to store some of the valuables that you cannot afford to lose, or damage during the moving process. Hence, each of our services ensures that our clients moving process continues smoothly, swiftly and comfortably. 

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Visit the Local Attractions in Peterson

Peterson, Utah is a mountainous settlement that is home to many peaks and mountain ranges. The residents here spend much of their time indulging in recreational activities, such hiking, trekking, and leisurely visits to parks. 

Kent Smith Memorial Park

To the residents, this is a park and a local football ground, however, to new settlers, this park may even be a close embodiment of the heavens. The surrounding views of this park display beautiful mountains along with soft white clouds. 

Train Bridge at Taggart’s

Find a time to visit this train bridge in Peterson and make sure that you visit at the time when the train is passing by. 

Packing Supplies at Peterson 

New settlers often face the troubles of sorting and organizing their belongings. For this reason, they must know about the nearby home improvement stores where they can get these supplies. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

344 N Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84404, United States


The Home Depot

984 Wall Ave, Ogden, UT 84404, United States


Tractor Supply Co.

281 N State St, Morgan, UT 84050, United States


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