Moving and Portable Storage Services in Leonard, OK

Are you looking for a way to have a hassle-free moving or storage experience in Leonard, Oklahoma? UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Tulsa has got you covered! Our portable storage containers are specially designed to make moving and storing your belongings stress-free.

What sets UNITS® apart from other moving and storage services in Leonard? We prioritize your unique moving and storage needs every step of the way. Our ROBO-UNIT delivery system ensures that your container is dropped off at your specified location with ease, even through tight spaces and narrow streets. Our portable storage containers are also conveniently sized to fit into spaces accessible to the average-sized vehicle.

You also have the flexibility to load and unload the container at your own pace, as you can keep the container for as long as you need. We also have a nearby climate-controlled and secure storage facility that gives you peace of mind while your belongings are in storage for the short or long term. As a locally owned and operated business, we are excited to provide the best moving and storage services in the Leonard area! Give UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Tulsa a call at (855) 373-0731 today to learn more about our services and get a free quote.


Moving to Leonard? Check Out These Nearby Attractions

Leonard, Oklahoma, is a small town with a welcoming community atmosphere. Leonard offers a tranquil rural setting, providing residents with a sense of close-knit living. While specifics about Leonard may vary, such communities typically feature a blend of residential and agricultural spaces, fostering a quiet and friendly environment for those who call it home.

Bixby Historical Museum

The Bixby Historical Museum stands as a repository of Bixby’s rich heritage in Oklahoma. This museum preserves and showcases the town’s history through exhibits, artifacts, and archival materials, providing visitors with a glimpse into the community’s past. From local stories to cultural artifacts, the Bixby Historical Museum serves as a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the historical roots of this vibrant Oklahoma town.

Escape Hatch

Escape Hatch offers an engaging and thrilling escape room experience. With a variety of meticulously designed rooms and challenging puzzles, Escape Hatch provides a unique opportunity for friends, families, and colleagues to test their problem-solving skills and teamwork in a fun and immersive setting. Whether seeking adventure or looking for a novel group activity, Escape Hatch promises an entertaining and memorable escape room experience.


Moving and Packing Supplies Near Leonard, Oklahoma

Stop in at any of these nearby stores to purchase the supplies you will need for a seamless moving or storage journey.

Westlake Ace Hardware

8929 S Memorial Dr #370

Tulsa, OK 74133

(918) 392-2800


The Home Depot

9808 E 71st St

Tulsa, OK 74133

(918) 459-3700


Lowe’s Home Improvement

11114 S Memorial Dr

Bixby, OK 74008

(918) 369-8844


Why wait to ensure you have a seamless moving or storage journey in Leonard? Give UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Tulsa a call at (855) 373-0731 to schedule your container delivery!

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