UNITS Portable Storage Commercial Spotlight: Swift Moverz – Serving San Antonio for More Than a Decade

Moving companies help people cross San Antonio every day for many reasons. When Luis Gonzalez started Swift Moverz, he wanted his business to do just that: move people. Swift Moverz has been moving people in, out, and through the San Antonio area for more than a decade now! Currently, the team has 20 members including Luis’ nephew who joined them five years ago, making it a family affair.

A licensed and insured company, Swift Moverz can re-locate customers anywhere in the nation. As the business began to expand, Luis came across a problem. His clients on the move wanted storage while they were moving. Anyone who has moved knows all that goes into the tedious process of relocation. Sometimes you sell your home and close before your new digs are ready. In that case, a storage option for the short-term is needed, and needed quickly.

Thankfully, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of San Antonio has the solution to this age-old problem. For Swift Moverz, using portable storage has alleviated any concerns Luis’ customers might have about storing their treasured goods. Convenience is key as homeowners who choose to keep the container near their home have 24-hour access to everything. Those who want to take advantage of our secure warehouse space can pack their container, schedule a time for pick up, and store it in a temperature controlled, clean warehouse. When you’re ready to access your belongings again, just schedule a delivery and designate the drop off destination.

Moving is considered a major life event, and stressful times call for dependable companies like Swift Moverz and UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of San Antonio to step in. Luis is grateful for the pressure UNITS helps to take off of his customers.

Luis uses portable storage because UNITS is fast, on time, and his customers end up 100% satisfied. Offering extended time to load and unload is one of the many perks of working with UNITS. Luis finds his customers can organize and know exactly where their items are within the UNIT at all times. What a gift in the midst of transition!

Renee and Gilbert, Managers at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of San Antonio, bring a friendly demeanor and offer great customer service. Swift Moverz is thankful that they are so easy to work with. The gift of peace of mind isn’t just for his customers! Luis feels confident in his decision to use UNITS every day.

Getting organized and having a seamless moving experience is easy with Swift Moverz. These two companies join hands to help people move into new homes, offices, and apartments while offering convenience, reliability, and great customer service. The UNITS San Antonio team enjoys working with Luis and Swift Moverz and wishes both he and his customers the very best on their next move “home.”

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