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Moving and storage in San Antonio doesn't have to be as difficult as it's been in the past. Trust UNITS® – a national leader in portable moving and storage – to help you get the job done your way. UNITS® is a portable storage solution that's delivered to your property and kept on-site, allowing you to pack your belongings at your own pace. When you're done packing your container, you can leave it on-site for easy access, have it taken to UNITS®' San Antonio storage facility or have it delivered to another location.

Our San Antonio movers are here to make moving and storage easier for you. To get pricing for portable moving and storage in San Antonio, fill out the UNITS® quote form.

Benefits of Choosing UNITS® Moving and Storage in San Antonio

Better Pricing

Want the most competitive storage container pricing in the industry? Choose UNITS®, and you can take advantage of convenient San Antonio moving and self-storage service at an affordable price. Why pay the standard rate for local moving and storage when you can get better service at a similar rate?

More Convenience

Many people use portable self-storage to make the moving process easier, But with UNITS®, you need not be moving homes to benefit from the service. If you're just looking for temporary or long-term storage, you can take advantage of portable storage to prevent having to haul your belongings to a storage facility and unload them only to have to retrieve them later. With UNITS®, your belongings stay in the storage container while they're in the warehouse facility, which sets you up for easy delivery later.

Learn More About Moving and Storage in San Antonio TX

Discover convenient moving and storage in your area today. Let UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, Inc. help make your move a successful one. Fill out the UNITS® quote form to the left, submit it and we'll send you a quote based on the details of your project.

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Robert Herrera

Robert Herrera
5  We were very impressed. Besides the great deal they gave us, they delivered our pod on time of appointment and they were extremely professional! Highly recommend them for your moving needs.Read More

Lindsey Frazier

Lindsey Frazier
5  Great service and price. Delivered very very quick. Mark answered my questions timely. Thanks Guys!Read More

LisaMarie Andrews

LisaMarie Andrews
5  I reserved a POD Storage from lousy PODS San Antonio - Moving and Storage to be delivered today.... PODS FAILED MISERABLY on their customer service... they suck! (Pod didn't arrive this morning) I was told that somehow payment didn't go through... I called my bank, no declines no hits nothing... but I never received anything, in fact I received a CONFIRMED ORDER email... believing I was set for Monday when I took off the day to be here for the delivery. Last night...some guy (now known as Marc) picked up my quote from Friday when I was pricing 5+ other storage container companies ... promised to price match or beat... told him I had paid and it was being delivered....and sent him on his way.....I did however save his # in my phone but couldn't remember his name so I put it as "POD GUY PRICE MATCH" haha... Fast forward to this morning ...no POD ... This guy Marc with Units Pod came through at an incredible price and half the cost of delivery. #MondayNotRuined Units Mobile Storage of San Antonio, Texas Thanks Marc you have incredible service and appreciate you more than you know! I will refer you over and over again! Gilbert Marquez who delivered the pod was equally impressive and professional! Very impressed!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!Read More

Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray
5  After spending a few days price shopping I came across UNITS. They beat out their competitors hands down. Marc was my personal sales rep and he's awesome to work with. Gave me the best prices in town and super easy to work with. There was also a break in communication on my part as to when I needed my UNITS moved. Talked to Marc and said they had to go today, as we were closing on our house. He pulled some strings and had his guy out there in a couple hours. Mover worked late just to get our UNITS (two) moved in time. I highly recommend this company. Ask for Marc!Read More

Tiffany Reece

Tiffany Reece
5  I had to get my stuff outta storage and I had done an online quote w/ Units. Marc, the MGR, called me to follow up and from the first conversation we had I knew this company was who I should and did use. Marc has gone above and beyond to assist me and when I was dealing g with issues with the storage facility, Marc was more than willing to help me any way possible. He has made this transition very easy and accommodating for my schedule. I will recommend this company as the one and only to use. Respectfully, TiffanyRead More

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Convenient Mobile Storage Solutions 


If you’ve landing on this page, it’s safe to say you’re looking for storage assistance. Well, you’ve come to the right place! At UNITS®, we’re more than just a storage and moving company, we’re a new friend you can count on to give you great advice on an easy storage solution.

We offer the best way to accommodate your storage needs - designed with our customers in mind. Our state of the art storage containers, with a 12 ft. or 16 ft. option, are affordable, weather resistant, and suitable for long-term or short-term storage.

Here's How it Works: 

  • Tell us your need – Contact us at (855) 981-8648 and one of our helpful UNITS® representatives will assist you in obtaining a quote, scheduling delivery, and any other needs you may have. If you prefer, you can request a quote online.

  • We’ll come to you – We will deliver a ready-to-pack storage container to your home.

  • Take your time - No need to let timing add stress; you have the flexibility to pack at your convenience - as quickly (or as slowly) as you would like.

  • Let us make the move - When your container is packed, give us a call and we’ll take it to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility.

This time of transition doesn’t have to be a chore, and with UNITS®, convenience is key! We want to offer you the most convenient, stress-free option to fulfilling your storage needs while also giving you the freedom to work at your own pace.



Why Choose our Mobile Storage Units?

  • Convenient - pick-up and delivery service. 
  • Affordable - long and short-term storage options available.
  • Climate-Controlled - clean, safe and secure warehouse locations.
  • Sturdy, weather-resistant - spacious Unit containers delivered direct to you and ready for ground-level loading.
  • On-Site Unit storage container availability, placed at your preferred location. Easy access -to off-site storage Units.
  • Organize - storable items such as household goods, furniture, excess inventory, equipment almost anything and everything.
  • Pack once - no repacking clean, safe, secure weather-resistant Unit containers.
  • Reduce Capital Expenditures - use a Unit instead of construction or renting additional real estate. 


Simple Storage and Moving Solutions 


UNITS® is the most convenient, hassle-free approach to your moving and storage needs. From decluttering and remodeling to mismatched closing dates or building a new home, our portable storage units will assist you when you need us most.

How Does UNITS® Help?

Fill out the online quote form and UNITS® will coordinate the delivery and storage of your belongings while you're between homes, remodeling, or decluttering for home sale.

  1. We will deliver a ready-to-pack storage container to your home.

  2. You have the flexibility to load your belongings in a time frame that’s convenient for you.

  3. Once your container is loaded, we’ll take it to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. You will have access to your belongings while they’re in storage.

  4. Once you’re ready to move into your new places (whether local or across the country), UNITS® will deliver your storage container to your new home.

  5. Just like packing, you’ll have as much time as you need to unpack your items, and we’ll remove the container when you are fully moved in.


UNITS® Containers

UNITS® steel-frame portable storage containers are durable and weather resistant. Have the peace of mind knowing that your items are secure and safe from water, UV lighting and mold while being stored. Our containers are available in two sizes: 8 x 8 x 12 and 8 x 8 x 16. and because they are placed at ground level, you have the advantage of easy loading and unloading without steps or ramps.

Just Imagine: You only have to load and unload your belongings once since they remain in the UNITS® storage container. We take care of the driving to and from our secure indoor storage facility that you will maintain access to. Your schedule and timeline is met throughout the process with our flexible delivery/pick up times. You get ALL of this at a super low cost! Come on, it doesn’t get any better than that!


Moving Made Easy With UNITS Portable Containers


We’ve all been there on moving day – rushing to load and unload your belongings in one day, climbing up and down ramps with heavy boxes in hand, and not to forgot the worrisome liability of a rental truck. Or maybe you’ve gone the supposed “easy route” of hiring professional movers only to find your pockets much emptier than you imagined. It’s stressful!


Here’s the good news; there’s a solution to your moving woes if you entrust your needs to UNITS®. Our customers are our priority, which is why we offer high quality, hassle-free services for local and long-distance moving.

Moving Service

When you make a reservation online or call your local UNITS®, we will deliver a weather resistant, ground level, ready-to-pack storage container to your home or business. You have the freedom to pack at your own pace, so take your time. Once your UNIT® is packed and ready to go, we’ll take care of the pickup and transportation to your new location. It’s as simple as that!

We understand that some situations require a little more flexibility in moving - like downsizing to an apartment while your new home is completing construction. UNITS® will accommodate your needs by providing temporary storage options in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. We’re here to make the entire moving process smooth.


UNITS® Guarantee

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Exceptional Customer service
  • Ground Level Loading
  • Weather Resistant Storage Containers
  • Control Over Packing/Unpacking Timeline
  • Local and Nationwide Moving Services

Ready To Make The Move?

Our local owners and managers are ready to assist you in what you’ll soon be calling your easiest move yet. Get started today by filling out our online quote form.


Portable Storage Containers for Business


As a business owner, you know that efficiency is what sets you apart from your competition. At UNITS®, we have the perfect solution to help you increase your productivity! We specialize in servicing the business community (as well as government agencies), with long - and short-term storage capabilities and moving transportation.

If you're thinking "how will this help my business productivity?", we'll give you a few examples.

Let's say you're a real estate agent who often stages a home to enhance its sale potential. UNITS® is an easy, resourceful way to store excess furniture, eliminate clutter, and quickly improve the appearance of the property. We then make it really simple by taking the furniture to the new residence, eliminating rough handling of goods.

Or maybe you regularly host or attend events and trade-shows. A UNITS® container is a hassle-free way to transport merchandise, furniture and displays for your occasion. During the event, you'll have on-site storage to keep any additional equipment safe and secure. When the event is over, the UNIT® will be delivered back to your company's office. These are just a couple ways our local owners and managers increase efficiency for businesses in our surrounding communities.


Types of Business's Who Use Storage Containers:


Disaster Restoration

Store your client's valuables in a safe and secure UNITS® container to prevent further damage following a natural disaster to their property. You may also find it useful to store your company's tools and equipment while working on-site to restore the damages.


Home Improvement

From major construction projects to small installations, your work supplies will be stored and kept safe on-site through the duration of the project.


Seasonal Inventory

Are your products in demand for a specific holiday or season, but need to be stored for the remainder of the year? Let us store your seasonal inventory in a secure, climate controlled storage facility.


Emergencies/Contingency Plans

Being prepared for an emergency is essential to your business. Count on UNITS® to help reduce the risk of loss during an unexpected crisis situation.


Corporate Relocation

Is your newly hired or existing employee relocating? Allow us to add value your business' standards toward employees by providing local or long distance moving assistance through UNITS®.


Military Assistance

UNITS® is dedicated to supporting the men and women who serve our country. We assist with storage needs during deployment as well as moving needs during base to base relocation. Please ask us about our military discounts and weight standards.


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