Portable storage containers are a convenient storage option whether you’re downsizing or working in the home staging business. But many may have concerns about damage occurring to their expensive pieces.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Phoenix is here to tell you don’t have to worry at all! With these three tips, your furniture will stay pristine even while in the storage container.

Clean and Dust Everything

To help prevent dirt and grime build-up from occurring, you should grab your favorite rag and cleaner and dust off everything. Removing sticky residues is especially important because they can harden over time and become difficult to remove. This quick step will help keep your furniture shining as if they were new.

Add a Barrier

Wrapping your furniture is an essential part to ensure nothing breaks, scratches, or dings. We recommend using materials such as moving blankets, old linens, bedding, and bubble wrap. Choose whichever material works best for you. It’s also advisable to place plastic around mattresses, fabric couches, and box springs. That will help keep allergens from settling into them.

Organize Carefully

When it comes time to place your furniture in the container, you will want to do so strategically.

At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Phoenix, we suggest placing your heaviest pieces in the back of the container. You should follow this by putting your softer and lighter pieces on top and in any gaps. This step will help stop the furniture from shifting when the container is in transit. And it’s always best to put the items you want easy access to in the front of the container. If you’re unsure of what to place in front, consider your mattresses and box springs. They can act as protective padding when the container is moving.

If our tips were of any help to you, leave us a comment down below! We want to hear all about your experience.

Where to Find Packing and Storing Supplies in Phoenix

If you need boxes, wrapping materials, tape, or other supplies, visit any of these three Phoenix retailers!

Ace Hardware

5555 N 7th St #106

Phoenix, AZ 85014

(602) 241-4000

The Home Depot

3609 E Thomas Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

(602) 225-0980

Lowe’s Home Improvement

1620 N 75th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85035

(623) 845-6292

If you need a free quote or want to schedule your container delivery, call UNITS Moving and Storage of Phoenix at (480) 360-5666! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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