Northeast Valley in Phoenix AZ is one of the most exuberant and serene places that you will come across. A visit to that location is nothing short of a dream for some people.  Are you one of the many people that plan to move to Northeast Valley for good? If yes, then you are in luck. We, at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, help people move to their dream destinations without any trouble. 

We provide our customers with a state-of-the-art storage facility, along with high-tech containers, ridding them of the worries of moving all their belongings across cities. Our aim is to help people acquire a better and affordable moving process. 

All you need to do is give us a call and we will deliver the storing containers straight to your location. Moreover, we use ROBO-Lift® technology that helps us deliver the containers regardless of tight parking situations and sharp corners. 

We at UNITS are ready to take on your challenge of moving to a new destination with you. By taking responsibility for the safe and secure transfer and storage of your belongings, we make the travelling process easy for you.  

As a locally owned company, we make sure that our services fit the budget of the common person, and try our best not to burden you with additional costs. We understand that moving costs can limit a person’s will to travel.

For smooth, affordable and reliable moving services, Call us now at, (480) 360-5666 . You can also get your free quote on a container today! 

Want to get a taste of the Northeast Valley Location? Do not forget to check out these locations!

This part of town is one that resonates deeply with the cowboy culture of Arizona. Which is why you find many cowboy themed restaurants in this location.  Along with that, the Northeast Valley is home to an array of peaceful neighborhoods and leisurely activities.  

Scottsdale Fashion Square 

This place is emphatic for the shoppers and fashion lovers of the world. With all the best brands in the world, you can resort to the pleasure of collecting at this location.  It makes up for a refreshing contrast of the city, with the other side compromising of outdoor activities. 

Adventures Out West Segway 

Explore the wildlife in a unique way by zipping through the barren wild lands on a Segway.  This is a unique and relaxing experience that you do not want to skip. 

Supplies for Home Improvement in North East Valley

Before you move out into a new location, it is important to track all the utility stores nearby. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

5809 W Northern Ave,

 Glendale, AZ 85301, United States

+1 623-463-6120 

The Home Depot 

3609 E Thomas Rd, 

Phoenix, AZ 85018, United States

+1 602-225-0980 

So, have you made up your mind on moving to Northeast Valley? If yes, you can get a free quote on our containers today! Call now at (480) 360-5666  now! 

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