Are you planning to move to Washington Shores and not sure how to move your things with ease? Don’t worry, UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Orlando can help! At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Orlando, customer satisfaction is our top priority. It doesn’t matter what kind of help you need moving your things to your new home or business in Washington Shores, we can provide what you need. We provide everything from storage containers to storage facilities to ensure that you can move your stuff with ease or decide to store it till you are ready to move them again.

Why should you choose us?

At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Orlando, we have built our business model around the convenience of our customers and the affordability of our services. Also, it helps that we are one of the top storage and moving companies in Orlando Florida. Getting in touch with us is quite easy.

Once you are ready to make the big move, give us a call and we will deliver one or more of our sturdy UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Orlando containers to your location depending on your need. With the help of our advanced ROBO-Lift® technology, we can safely deliver your container to and from your location regardless of how complex the road network or parking situation in your area is.

The best part of our services is that we work at the pace of our customers. We understand that moving can sometimes be an emotional and overwhelming experience, which is why we encourage our customers to pack their things at their own pace. Once you are finished with packing and are ready to move. Give us a call and we will deliver your portable storage container to your location. We provide our customers with the option of delivering their containers to their new residence or bringing them back to our secure and climate-controlled facility.

We take great pride in being a locally owned and operated business because we care deeply about our community, and we love giving back in every way that we can. One way of giving back to our community is helping new residents move into new neighborhoods like Washington Shores.

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Ready to move to Washington Shores? Check out these Local Attractions!

Moving to Washington Shores means you are ready to experience the sparse suburban atmosphere that the town has to offer. People in Washington Shores prefer to rent their homes and tend to be liberal.

Residents in Washington Shores refer to the town as a place with a good family atmosphere with great schools, neighbors, and a very friendly environment.

Below are some of our favorite things to do and see in Washington Shores:


Walt Disney World

It is hard to ignore the excitement that the theme park has to offer both the residents and visitors of Washington Shores. A visit to Walt Disney World is a great opportunity to treat your family to a nice time, and have some fun on the golf course yourself- that is if screaming at the top of your lungs on a Ferris wheel is not your thing.


DoubleTree by Hilton at the Entrance to Universal Orlando

This is a family-friendly hotel located just a few kilometers from Washington Shores and within 2 kilometers of Universal Studios Florida. This means you don’t have to worry about having nice accommodation to stay in if you decide to stay out late with the family.


Moving Supplies & Packing Boxes in Washington Shores, Orlando Florida.

To ensure that your moving experience is as smooth as possible, you need the right moving and packing supplies such as boxes, foam wraps, and more to help you stay organized and keep your belongings secure and safe.

Here are some of the local home improvement stores in Washington Shores:

The Home Depot

4403 Millenia Plaza Way,

Orlando, FL 32839, United States

+1 407-226-1066


The Home Depot

7022 W Colonial Dr,

Orlando, FL 32818, United States

+1 407-297-1151


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