Ever ask yourself whether there might be a better way to utilize storage in your business?

Whether you work in real estate, construction, or any commercial industry that requires a lot of logistical planning, there may be a way you can utilize portable storage units to save money, save time, and ultimately, save a lot of headaches. Here are five tailor-made solutions for your company’s needs:

On-site portable storage unit delivery. If you’re going to acquire a portable storage unit, then your first question is likely, “how the heck am I going to get it here?” We like to answer that question right away simply by delivering the storage unit right to where you need it. This cuts out a lot of guess work and ensures that you’ll have the portable storage where you need it, on time and always within your schedule. We’ll even go ahead and place the portable storage unit somewhere that’s ideal for your own convenience, whether you have furniture to move for a home showing or you need extra storage space for a construction project.

Use your own locks for added security. This is one of the most overlooked features of portable storage containers, because so many companies don’t even think about it. But we know that many companies like to have a consistent lock-and-key system that ensures long-term mobile security for their team and their supplies. So why not keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them? We say if it’s broke, don’t fix it—and that’s why you can provide your own locks to ensure that you’re the only one who has access to your portable storage containment.

Flexible terms. We don’t believe in delivering a portable storage unit and saying “great, now have it back on the 1st.” That’s simply not a good way to do business. We realize that your portable storage needs can fluctuate—and that ultimately, they’re part of your schedule. That’s why we won’t enforce any of our own schedules on you: we’ll let you keep renting and utilizing the portable storage container as long as you need it.

Location-to-location moving. Need some help moving your portable storage container from Spot A to Spot B? You don’t have to look around for help; we’ll move it with our own moving truck. This gives you absolute freedom of portable storage without having to worry about handling the logistics yourself. If you have multiple construction sites or simply need to move supplies into storage from multiple areas, we’ve got your back.

Appropriate sizing. We’re not a “one-size-fits-all” type of company. We believe in delivering you plenty of room for your storage needs, and not forcing more than you need. That’s why we offer both 12-foot and 16-foot portable storage options for your business.

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