Why Your College and University Should Choose UNITS®

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is the ideal partner for colleges and universities looking to streamline their storage and moving operations. Our customizable solutions, weather-resistant containers, climate-controlled storage, flexible rental periods, and support for construction projects and campus events make us the perfect choice for college/university storage solutions. We understand educational institutions’ unique challenges and demands and are committed to providing services that meet those needs.

Whether you need secure storage for valuable assets, a climate-controlled storage facility to preserve documents or a flexible solution for construction projects and campus events, UNITS® has you covered. We prioritize our clients’ satisfaction and strive to provide solutions that meet their individual requirements. With UNITS®, you can focus on your core mission of education while we take care of your storage and moving needs, ensuring the seamless operation of your college or university.

Campus Storage Services: On-Site Convenience

At UNITS®, we recognize the importance of on-site storage convenience for colleges and universities. Our commitment to providing on-site delivery of portable storage containers is at the core of our campus storage services. This means you can have the storage space you need right where you need it. Whether it’s storing furniture during renovations, securely archiving essential documents, or accommodating materials for campus events, UNITS® can deliver the perfect container directly to your campus location.

Document Storage for Universities: Preserving Knowledge

Document preservation is a critical concern for universities. From valuable research papers to historical archives and administrative records, document storage for universities is a vital part of our services. UNITS® offers a climate-controlled storage facility that is meticulously maintained to preserve temperature-sensitive and delicate materials. With our expertise, you can trust us to safeguard your institution’s knowledge and history.

Weather Resistance and Security

One of the fundamental advantages of choosing UNITS® for your college or university’s storage needs is our commitment to security and protection. Our containers are designed not only to be sturdy and durable but also to withstand various weather conditions. This level of weather resistance ensures the safety and security of your stored items, eliminating the risk of damage or deterioration.

Moreover, our containers are lockable, providing additional security for sensitive documents, valuable assets, and personal belongings. When protecting your institution’s assets, UNITS® takes it seriously, ensuring that you can trust us with your most valuable items.

Flexible Rental Periods: Tailored to Your Needs

The storage needs of colleges and universities can vary greatly depending on the time of year and specific projects. UNITS® understands this variability and offers flexible rental periods to accommodate your institution’s unique timelines. Whether you require short-term storage during summer breaks, long-term storage for ongoing construction projects, or something in between, UNITS® can adapt to your requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you have the storage space you need when you need it without any unnecessary commitments or costs.

Support for New Buildings and Dormitories

Colleges and universities are dynamic environments where construction and renovation projects are expected. When new buildings or dormitories are under construction, it’s essential to have a reliable storage solution for furniture, decorations, and other items. UNITS® can provide the storage and moving solutions needed to keep these items safe and easily accessible until construction is completed.

Seamless Campus Events

From welcoming events for new students to student-led gatherings and large-scale campus events, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers the perfect solution for every need. Our weather-resistant containers are ideal for storing event supplies, equipment, decorations, and more. With easy on-campus storage, everything required for any occasion remains secure and readily accessible. We aim to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that colleges and universities have everything they need at their fingertips to make their events successful and memorable.

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