UNITS® of Northern Virginia Fast, Friendly, and Local Service with Competitive Pricing

Locally Owned & Operated
Best-In-Class Customer Service
Competitive Pricing
Local, Convenient Deliveries
Container Availability
Safe & Secure Location
Cost-Effective Insurance Options

Best Local Customer Service

At UNITS® of Northern Virginia, we take pride in being locally owned and operated, which means that the owners truly care about making their customers’ lives easier in the Northern Virginia area. Every time you call, you’ll be speaking with friendly and knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the area and will help you get exactly what you need, when you need it. We make it a point to get to know each customer’s unique needs to provide the best customer service possible.


When it comes to pricing, our owners are committed to offering the most competitive prices in the Northern Virginia area. As a result, our average cost of moving and storage is often less than that of our competitors like PACK-RAT®. To see for yourself, we invite you to request a quote from us and compare it to a quote from PACK-RAT®. You’ll find that we have no hidden fees, unlike some of our competitors.

ETRACK™ Securing System

Our containers are also equipped with the ETRACK™ securing system, which is designed to keep your items securely in place during a move. Unlike PACK-RAT®, we understand that items can sometimes shift during a move due to differences in terrain. Using our ETRACK™ strap and restraint system, your items will stay securely in place, ensuring your move goes smoothly.

Container Delivery Re-Invented – UNITS® of Northern Virginia ROBO-UNIT®

Introducing the ROBO-UNIT, our state-of-the-art delivery system allows us to transport containers to even the most confined spaces in Northern Virginia. This system ensures level loading and unloading of your container, which minimizes any shifting of the contents during delivery. Additionally, it offers more flexibility in container placement when space is a concern. The ROBO-UNIT is designed to handle any terrain, sloping ground, unpaved roads, or uneven surfaces. It is even equipped to handle inclement weather, such as snow and rain, ensuring that you receive your container no matter the conditions. So, whether you need your container delivered in a tight spot or in the middle of a storm, you can count on the ROBO-UNIT to get the job done.

Our ROBO-UNIT can lift 7,000 pounds and move up to 10,000 pounds.

NO OTHER Moving and Portable Storage Company has the ROBO-UNIT – not even PACK-RAT®.

How UNITS® Containers Compare to PACK-RAT®

Ground-Level Loading or Unloading
Secure, Lockable Containers
2 Sizes of Containers (12’ & 16’)
Equipped with ETRACK TM Securing System
Can hold up to 8,000 Ibs

Moving UNITS® Coast to Cost