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Whether you're looking to move across town or across the nation, UNITS® helps makes moving and storage in Greensboro a less stressful and tedious proposition. The convenience of our portable moving and storage container gives you more control over the pace of your move, saves you time and eliminates much of the frustration that usually comes with dealing with moving companies. With UNITS®, you get moving support from a national leader in portable moving and storage.

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The Industry's Best Portable Storage Containers

Several companies out there offer portable storage units, but it's often hard to determine if you're getting what you've paid for. UNITS® delivers high-quality, durable storage containers whose breathable materials eliminate moisture and mold from accumulating within. The storage units feature a ground-level design, which eliminates the need for a loading ramp and makes it easy to safely load on moving day. UNITS® containers also feature a lock to keep it secure when it's not in use.

The Industry's Best Portable Storage Facilities

UNITS® also boasts secure, modern storage facilities that let you store your precious possessions in confidence. A climate controlled Greensboro moving and storage facility protects your belongings from extreme temperatures and the elements. Heavy duty locks and 24-hour security monitoring and video surveillance keep your belongings secure. And a friendly, trained moving and storage staff help you in the event that you need to retrieve some of your belongings from storage.

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Discover convenient moving and storage in your area today. Let UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, Inc. help make your move a successful one. Fill out the UNITS® quote form to the left, submit it and we'll send you a quote based on the details of your project.

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Still not sure? That’s ok, at UNITS Greensboro we pride ourselves on providing great local service at a competitive price and our customer reviews are a demonstration of our commitment to ensuring your storage or moving needs are met in a professional and courteous manner.

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