Our moving and storage solutions include:

Versatile Container Sizes

Here at UNITS® of Las Vegas, we proudly present a versatile range of storage container sizes, including the highly popular 12′ container along with our 16′ options. These containers are perfectly suited for securely housing costumes, props, and sets on production sets. This ensures that essential items are readily accessible throughout the filming or theater production process, contributing to the seamless execution of your creative projects.

Easy, On-Site Storage Access

When you partner with UNITS®, you can count on the convenience of having the container brought directly to your designated set location. Our state-of-the-art ROBO-UNIT Delivery System enables us to efficiently deliver your container, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or the rugged terrain of your production site.

Staging External Sets

In situations where an external building, such as a home, is employed as a set, UNITS® containers are an excellent solution for accommodating the personal effects of the building’s occupants. This allows you to clear the space efficiently and prepare it for its intended use while preserving the residents’ belongings.

Set Organization Made Easy

Our on-site storage solutions empower production companies to maintain impeccable item organization. By centralizing equipment, costumes, and props in a single, convenient location, we help you optimize production processes. Bid farewell to cluttered offices and overstuffed backstage closets as UNITS® simplifies your set organization.

More Storage, More Productions

The expanded storage capacity offered by UNITS® translates into the ability to undertake more ambitious and extensive productions. This enhanced storage capability enables you to embark on larger-scale projects, further showcasing your creative prowess.

Weather-Resistant, Lockable Containers

UNITS® containers are renowned for their durability, security, and resistance to the elements. These lockable containers provide a reliable fortress for your valuable production content, keeping it safe, dry, and shielded from external factors, even when faced with adverse weather conditions.

Off-site Temperature Controlled Warehouse Storage

For delicate and temperature-sensitive items such as wooden props or camera/sound equipment, UNITS® offers specialized climate-controlled warehouse storage options located right here in Las Vegas. This service ensures that your precious props and equipment are preserved in optimal conditions, safeguarding their integrity and value.

Easy Transportation Services

At UNITS®, we provide production companies with a comprehensive range of storage and transportation services designed to cater to your unique needs. Our solutions are flexible, tailored to your requirements, and contribute significantly to the efficiency and success of your TV, film, and theater productions.


Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

UNITS® containers are an indispensable asset for production companies operating within the entertainment industry. These highly adaptable containers come in various sizes, including the popular 12′ and 16′ options, providing an ideal solution for securely storing costumes, props, sets, equipment, and other vital items on production sets. This mobile on-site storage solution guarantees convenient access to essential assets during shoots and streamlines the entire production process by maintaining impeccable organization within one centralized location. By entrusting their valuable equipment and assets to UNITS® containers, production crews can focus on their creative endeavors while staying comfortably within budgetary constraints.

Furthermore, UNITS® containers boast impressive weather resistance and lockable security features, offering a robust protective shield for valuable production content. Whether contending with challenging weather conditions or the need for heightened security measures, these containers consistently safeguard their contents, keeping them dry and secure. This unwavering reliability is paramount in an industry where each prop and costume carries substantial value and cultural significance. Production companies can confidently rest assured that their assets are shielded from external elements, ensuring the preservation of the quality and integrity of their work.

Beyond on-site storage, UNITS® of Las Vegas extends its offerings to encompass climate-controlled warehouse storage solutions specifically tailored to accommodate temperature-sensitive items. This specialized service guarantees the preservation of delicate props, costumes, and equipment, shielding them from the adverse effects of temperature fluctuations and humidity. With UNITS® at their disposal, production companies gain access to a flexible and comprehensive storage solution that significantly augments their efficiency, security, and overall success in delivering top-tier entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide.


Contact UNITS® of Las Vegas

As a locally owned and operated enterprise, we have an intimate understanding of the unique demands of the local entertainment industry. Initiating the collaboration process is a straightforward affair, with production companies having the option to reach out via our user-friendly Instant Quote Form on our website or simply by placing a phone call. We are ever-ready to provide customized solutions that cater to their specific storage and logistics requirements. Moreover, production companies can seize the opportunity to join our National Accounts Program, which unlocks exclusive discounts on our services, ensuring that they can fully harness top-tier storage solutions and cost-effective options that seamlessly align with their budgets, enhancing their overall production efficiency. Connect with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Las Vegas today, and let us be the catalyst for your production company’s flourishing success!