What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Realtors?

UNITS® of Detroit offers a secure and protected space for moving. Our containers are perfect for local moving, or for storing personal belongings during home staging and can serve as a valuable tool for you and your clients. We also can extend special discounted rates to local businesses through our National Accounts Program. We are more than happy to discuss these rates further with you or your agency.

Here are some of the storage solutions we provide:

  • Local moves in Detroit (both DIY and Modified Full Service)
  • Long distance moves (providing the client is moving to an area we currently service)
  • Off-Site Storage Facility for staging a home
  • Storage solutions for staggered closing dates
  • Short- and Long-Term storage for clients building a home who may have sold their home quicker than expected

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

Realtors understand that decluttering and staging a home can make it more attractive to potential buyers and result in a quicker sale; they also recognize the challenges and stress that come with mismatched closing dates for clients. Traditional moving and storage methods, such as renting a truck and repeatedly loading and unloading, can be tiring, time-consuming, and costly. That’s where UNITS® of Detroit steps in.

We strive to make your clients’ lives easier by offering both off-site and warehouse storage options for home staging, staggered closing dates, and clients who are constructing a new home after selling their previous one faster than anticipated. Additionally, we can help with local moves within the Detroit area and long-distance relocations.

UNITS® of Detroit is a locally owned and operated business with a climate-controlled warehouse and a team that delivers prompt and friendly customer service. Don’t hesitate – contact us today at (248) 617-0567 and let UNITS® of Detroit support your business’s growth.


Contact UNITS® of Detroit

UNITS® of Detroit takes pride in collaborating with local realtors and real estate agencies, offering top-notch storage solutions and partnership opportunities, including discounted rates for your clients. Reach out to us at (248) 617-0567 to discuss how we can assist your real estate endeavors today.