Let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage move you to Carlisle, IA!

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service of Central Iowa is here to help you get to your new home in Carlisle, IA! UNITS helps to keep your move stress-free with our simple and flexible process.  From start to finish, UNITS works with your timeline, so you never feel the pressure of moving by a certain time. Here’s how it works;

Starting with a simple phone call, a UNITS team member will learn about you and your moving needs, so we can make sure we get you the right container size for your move! We’ll even schedule your container’s drop off information right then and there, so you’ll already be on your way to moving!

Once your container arrives, you can take all the time you need to pack it up and load it with your belongings. When you’re ready, let us know and a team of UNITS professionals will come to safely transport your container to wherever you’d like it next. Ready to take it right to your new home? We’ll see you there! got stuck with mismatched moving dates and need a little extra time? That’s fine too! We’ll take it a climate-controlled and secure storage facility until you’re ready for us to drop it off at your new home.

Once you get your container and unload it all, just give us another call and UNITS will be there to haul it away for you, so you never have to worry about rushing or the logistics! UNITS is here to support you in your move and make it easier for you!

Give us a call to get a quote and get started moving with UNITS Moving and Portable Storage today!


Welcome home in Carlisle, IA

Carlisle, Iowa is located just 25 minutes from downtown Des Moines and offers easy access to major highways and transportation.   The city is quaint, with rollings hills, valleys and well-kept woodlands making it a peaceful oasis from the hustle of Des Moines.  Known for great schools, a clean and family-friendly area and plenty of community events and activities to enjoy, Carlisle is a great place to call home.

Enjoy the Des Moines River Water Trail

Starting in Fort Dodge and ending right near Carlisle, this 100-mile water trail twists and bends its way through Dolliver State Park, recreation areas, into Saylorville Lake and picks back up after the Saylorville Dam, through city parks, downtown Des Moines and, finally, to Carlisle! Paddle your way through parts of the Des Moines River Water Trail, or all of, this water trail and experience all that Central Iowa’s nature has to offer!

Helpful links near Carlisle

Carlisle True Value:

190 N 1st St

Carlisle, IA 50047

(515) 259-9872

United States Postal Service:

200 S 1st St

Carlisle, IA 50047

(800) 275-8777

The City of Carlisle:

195 N. First St

Carlisle, IA 50047

(515) 989-3224

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