If you’re moving it’s likely that you will want to bring your plants with you to your new home. Thankfully, with some careful planning, you can easily transport your plants to your new home. Here are some tips to help you get started.

At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Columbus, we help give moving pointers to our customers all the time. We often direct our customers to the most convenient moving services in the town available. Whether you need portable storage for your move or simply to keep your belongings safe and out of the way while you clean, our UNITS containers provide the perfect solution. To read more about how to move your plants for your move, check out our tips below.

Account for the season

Exposed roots are vulnerable to the elements in warmer months. While it is possible to move your plants in the peak of summer, it’s not recommended. If you plan on moving delicate plants or an abundance of plants, spring and fall are the best seasons to assure that they don’t get damaged by the weather during the process of moving.

Give your plants a trim

Trimming your plants before uprooting them will help them conserve energy when moving. Trim away all the dead and excess stems and leaves that may drain unnecessary energy from the plant. This is good practice in general to keep your plants healthy.

Hydrate before uprooting

Not hydrating your plants can lead to a lot of stress on your plants during the moving process. The simple solution is to give your plants a deep soak the night before you dig up the plants; this will allow for water to permeate the soil and roots. Doing this will make sure that the roots stay intact as you are rooting the plant.

Take care when uprooting

This is the stage that puts the most amount of stress on your plant. It’s important to be cautious during the uprooting process as you can easily damage the plant. You can also water your plants moderately before digging them up to help ease the transition, just be careful not to overwater. Use a trowel to dig a circle around the plant, wide enough to avoid any roots. Remove the plant, keeping as much soil attached as possible and place in a pot that is large enough.

Replant ASAP

Make sure that the plants are back into the ground as soon as possible, it’s best to pack your plants last and unpack them first so you can transplant them as soon as possible. If possible, it is best to have the new locations of your plants prepared for transferring your plants.

We hope these tips will help your transition go as smooth as possible! If they made your move to Columbus any easier, please share your experience in the comments below. To get a free quote on your UNITS container, call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage today!

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