UNITS®: A Comprehensive Solution for Interior Designers

UNITS® goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive storage and moving services tailored to the specific needs of interior design professionals, including residential and commercial interior designers, home decorators, and more. Moreover, we offer exclusive discounts through their National Accounts program, making their services even more enticing for interior designers. By choosing UNITS®, interior designers can streamline their projects, reduce stress, and deliver exceptional client results.

Furthermore, they can take advantage of exclusive discounts through the National Accounts program, adding a layer of cost-effectiveness to their projects. Trust UNITS® to handle the logistics so interior designers, whether specializing in custom storage solutions, closet organization, wardrobe design, or any aspect of interior design services, can focus on what we do best—creating stunning interior spaces that leave a lasting impression on their clients. With UNITS®, the possibilities for interior design excellence are endless.


Services Offered by UNITS®

Storage Solutions for Interior Designers: UNITS® excels in providing storage solutions that are perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of interior designers, whether they are residential or commercial interior designers, home decorators, or specialists in custom storage solutions. Clients can rent between five and ten containers, which can then be conveniently housed in climate-controlled warehouses, ensuring that customers’ valuable deliveries remain pristine throughout the project. Whether design materials, construction materials, tools, equipment, or homeowners’ furnishings and appliances, UNITS® offers secure storage that interior designers can rely on.

Item Reception for Closet Organization: UNITS® simplifies the logistics of receiving and managing deliveries by offering the convenience of sending packages directly to our storage facility at a reasonable fee per item. This service not only saves time but also streamlines the process.

Item Inspection for Quality Assurance: UNITS® goes the extra mile by allowing interior design clients, including residential and commercial interior designers and home decorators, to visit and inspect incoming shipments. This feature ensures quality control, damage prevention, and proper container allocation, which is particularly crucial when dealing with custom storage solutions. Additionally, photographs can be taken upon the arrival of shipments for documentation purposes, enhancing transparency and accountability.

On-Site Repackaging for Custom Storage Solutions: Interior design clients specializing in custom storage solutions can further customize their storage solutions with UNITS® by organizing on-site repackaging of items in their original boxes, labeled with the client’s name and asset number. This level of organization minimizes the risk of misplacing or damaging items, ultimately contributing to a smoother project execution.

Delivery and Transportation for Residential and Commercial Interior Designers: UNITS® takes pride in delivering spacious, tidy, and ready-to-fill containers directly to the specified property. These containers are designed to be versatile, accommodating items from multiple clients and being delivered to each customer’s location as needed. This flexibility ensures that UNITS® can cater to projects of all sizes, from small residential renovations to large-scale commercial endeavors handled by residential and commercial interior designers.

Drop Shipping for Interior Design Services: UNITS® simplifies logistics by offering drop shipping products directly to our climate-controlled storage facility. This eliminates the need for interior designers, including those specializing in closet organization and wardrobe design, to handle multiple shipments and associated logistics, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of their work.


Why UNITS® Container is the Right Choice for Interior Designers

Whether specializing in residential or commercial interior design services, interior designers understand the tremendous effort and time invested in moving, storing, and organizing furniture and decorations. Traditional moving companies may need more efficiency and convenience to ensure that projects run smoothly and meet deadlines. Here’s why UNITS® stands out as the superior choice for interior designers:

Unparalleled Efficiency: UNITS® eliminates the need for constant unpacking and repacking. Everything is conveniently stored within the container, which UNITS® delivers directly to the desired location. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the physical strain on interior designers, particularly those specializing in closet organization and wardrobe design.

Advanced Delivery System for Custom Storage Solutions: UNITS®’ advanced ROBO-UNIT delivery system is engineered to handle challenging situations. It can navigate low clearances, tight turns, and uneven surfaces or inclines, all while ensuring the stability of the container contents to prevent damage. Interior designers, especially those focusing on custom storage solutions, can have confidence that their valuable items will remain intact during transportation, even in complex environments.

Secure and Climate-Controlled Storage for Residential and Commercial Interior Designers: UNITS® provides secure, clean, and climate-controlled storage facilities that safeguard clients’ belongings. This aspect is particularly crucial for interior designers, whether residential or commercial, as it ensures that design materials, furnishings, and decorations are protected from environmental factors that could lead to damage or deterioration.

Convenient Access for Home Decorators: UNITS® takes convenience to the next level by offering on-demand access to stored items. Interior designers, including home decorators, don’t need to travel to the warehouse; UNITS® will deliver items precisely when and where they are required. This level of service ensures that interior designers can focus on their creative work while UNITS® handles the heavy lifting and logistics.

Customized Solutions for Custom Storage Solutions: UNITS®’ commitment to customization means that interior designers, particularly those specializing in custom storage solutions, can tailor storage and logistics solutions to fit their unique project needs. Whether receiving, inspecting, repackaging, or delivering items, UNITS® is flexible and adaptable, supporting the intricacies of each project.

For interior designers, whether residential or commercial, specializing in custom storage solutions, closet organization, wardrobe design, or broader interior design services, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers a transformative solution that simplifies logistics, enhances efficiency, and ensures the safety of valuable design materials and furnishings. With our comprehensive services, including storage, item reception, inspection, on-site repackaging, delivery, transportation, and drop shipping options, UNITS® emerges as the ideal partner for interior design professionals.


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