Halloween is always a fun holiday to celebrate with your friends and neighbors. Are you looking for ways to spice up your Halloween event, or just need extra storage for all your party favors? UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Columbus can help! Read on to find interesting and creative ways to utilize your UNIT this season.


  • Storage

This one’s pretty obvious. You can use our portable containers to house anything you need for your big Halloween event, like an extra costume closet or storing your summer items and bringing out your Halloween items. With our climate controlled facility, you won’t have to worry about humidity affecting your items. Just pack it, store it, and when you need it just call us!


  • Trunk or Treat

Get creative and make your UNIT part of your Halloween display! Put displays of candy and decorations on the interior of your container, and voila! You have a walkable, spooky display to complement the rest of your Halloween event. You could also use it as part of your trick-or-treat display — that’s one way you can avoid opening the door for trick-or-treaters if you’re trying to have a relaxing Halloween.


  • Mini-Haunted House

Our different-sized UNITS containers are perfect for a miniature haunted house! Set an entry point and exit point next to each other at the entrance and fill it with spooky and loud decorations. You’ll be sure to spook your guests with a haunted UNITS house!


  • Business and Vendors

If your business is going to be a part of an event, be sure to use our durable UNITS containers! You can use it to house extra merchandise or items that your business will need throughout the event. We can place it wherever you need it!


Below you’ll find Halloween traditions, events, and places to be this season in your area:


Hitchcocktober at Gateway Film Center

For the 12th year in a row, Columbus’s Gateway Film Center celebrates Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie legacy. Come enjoy some classic horror movies in 35mm this season.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Young Frankenstein at Short North Stage

Come enjoy these classic horror productions come to life onstage!

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