At UNITS Moving & Storage of Columbus, we’ve gone through the moving process countless times with our clients. We’re more than familiar with the potential obstacles and pitfalls people can run into when moving. Although it may not sound as significant as figuring out all the logistical aspects of their move to Columbus, for example, many people also struggle with finding motivation to pack their belongings. Believe us when we say that we completely understand and that you’re not alone! Taking all your belongings from your old home to your new residence can soundly like an arduous, intimidating task.

That’s no reason to despair, though – there are plenty of tried-and-true methods for giving your packing motivation a boost. One sure-fire way is to streamline your move to Columbus with a portable storage container delivered by none other than yours truly. To get a free quote on your UNITS container, call UNITS Moving & Storage of Columbus today! For the three best ways to find motivation to pack your belongings, read on.

1. Come up with a packing checklist – then follow it!

Decision paralysis is the natural enemy of motivation. If you don’t even know where to start, then the task of packing up your belongings will always seem monumental. While there are multiple ways to go about this, we recommend incorporating a timeline element to your packing checklist, as well. That way, you can better budget your time, break up the labor, and make sure you’re on track for moving day. Also, start with the toughest room first – it’s much easier to motivate yourself over time if you can look forward to a lighter workload.

2. Downsize before you pack.

It’s only logical – if you have less belongings to pack, it’ll be much easier to find the motivation to follow through. As you go room by room creating your packing checklist, carefully consider what you actually need or want to bring to your new home. Old, run-down furniture can be thrown away or donated. You might even want to consider selling gently used furniture and appliances. The less you have to eventually pack, the better!

3. Ask friends and family to lend a hand.

Many people aren’t fond of the idea of “imposing” on their friends or family when it comes to asking for help with packing or moving. As long as you’re upfront about what you need and properly show your appreciation, though, you’ll easily avoid resentment. With a little extra effort, you can even make it fun! Thinking about turning the task into a party – provide food, play music, or even add a little competitive element. Most importantly, though, don’t judge friends or family if they refuse to help. They’re likely busy, too!

Did these tips help you find the motivation to pack for your move to Columbus? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, don’t forget to get a free quote on your portable storage container! Contact UNITS Moving & Storage of Columbus today!

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