How UNITS® of Boise Services Compare to U-Haul®

Locally Owned & Operated
Best-In-Class Customer Service
Competitive Pricing
Local, Convenient Deliveries
Container Availability
Safe & Secure Locations
Cost-Effective Insurance Options

The Best Local Customer Service

Our locally owned and operated UNITS® of Boise store is managed by owners who genuinely care about their customers’ well-being. Every interaction with UNITS® of Boise means speaking to a friendly and knowledgeable team intimately familiar with the Boise area. We take the time to understand each customer’s unique needs, allowing us to provide unparalleled customer service. It’s an experience you won’t easily find when dealing with a U-Haul® call center.


Pricing is a top priority at UNITS® of Boise. Our owners are committed to offering the most competitive pricing in the Boise area. This commitment translates to an average cost of moving and storage that is typically lower than that of U-Haul®. We invite you to obtain a quote from us today and then compare it, apples to apples, with a U-Haul® quote – the value and savings will be evident. At UNITS®, we are transparent about our pricing, and there are no hidden fees, just storage.

All Steel Construction

When it comes to construction quality, UNITS® containers are built to endure. Our containers feature all-steel construction, robust steel frames, and steel doors, making them the most weather-resistant containers on the market—no need for cumbersome tarps. In contrast, U-Haul® containers are constructed using wood, adhesive, and staples. The quality and durability of UNITS® containers are unparalleled in the industry.

More Interior Space and Capacity

UNITS® containers offer more interior space and capacity. Thanks to our unique door design, even our smallest container (12′) can hold 511 cubic feet more space than U-Haul® containers. Furthermore, our 16′ UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers can hold up to 400% more by weight than U-Haul® containers of the same size. This extra space ensures that you can pack more efficiently and securely.

ETRACK™ Securing System

Our containers feature the ETRACK™ securing system, setting them apart from U-Haul®. We understand that items can shift during moves due to varying terrains. With our strap and restraint system, known as ETRACK™, your items will stay securely in place, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

One Container Does the Job

UNITS® containers are designed to be versatile. In contrast to U-Haul®’s U-Box, where you might require multiple containers, UNITS® containers can do the job with just one. Our 12′ containers can accommodate up to 4 rooms, including oversized items like patio furniture and dining room tables. Our 16′ containers are ideal for large family relocations, job site storage, or first responders. UNITS® of Boise offers unmatched flexibility and capacity that sets us apart from U-Haul®.

Container Delivery Re-Invented – UNITS® of Boise ROBO-UNIT®

We've reimagined container delivery with our innovative ROBO-UNIT® system at UNITS® of Boise. This cutting-edge delivery system allows us to deliver containers to even the tightest spaces in Boise. It provides level loading and unloading of your container, significantly reducing the risk of shifts in container contents. The ROBO-UNIT® offers exceptional flexibility in container placement when space is limited, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our ROBO-UNIT can lift 7,000 pounds and move up to 10,000 pounds.  NO OTHER Moving and Portable Storage Company has the ROBO-UNIT – not even U-Haul®.

How UNITS® Containers Compare to U-Haul®

Ground-Level Loading or Unloading
Weather-Resistant, Steel Containers
2 Sizes of Containers (12' & 16')
Secure, Lockable Containers
Translucent Roofs are Optional
Side-by-Side Doors Allow Maximum Packing Space
Maximum Cubic Feet
Can hold up to 8,000 lbs
Equipped with ETRACK™ Securing System

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