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Moving to South Whitehall Township? Don’t Miss These Attractions!

Located in Lehigh County, South Whitehall Township is considered one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. South Whitehall Township has a population of 19,619 and offers tons of parks. Check out some of our favorite attractions in the area:

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

This 200-acre funpark is the most well known amusement and water park in the area. Dorney Park offers something for everyone with seven roller coaster and tons of other adult and children’s rides. Next door is Wildwater Kingdom, a world-class water park with slides, rides and a wave pool.

Covered Bridge Park

This sprawling community park provides tons of opportunities for recreation. This 165-acre park attracts local families because of the various walking trails, butterfly garden, sports fields and playgrounds.

Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies in South Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania

Packing can be a difficult process, but having the proper packing materials can make all the difference. The best place to start your move to South Whitehall Township is by obtaining the proper packing supplies for your transition. If it’s your first time moving or you are unsure where to begin, the home improvement stores below can help you get on the right track:

The UPS Store 1636 N Cedar Crest Blvd,Allentown, PA 18104(610) 351-8371

Barth Packaging 4119 Mauch Chunk Rd # B,Coplay, PA 18037(610) 799-5440

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