What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Thrift Stores?

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Atlanta comprehends the distinct requisites of thrift stores in Atlanta. We are fully equipped to provide storage and relocation solutions that are both convenient and cost-effective, all while being entirely adaptable to specific demands. We are equally delighted to extend an invitation to become part of our National Accounts Program, where you can enjoy access to services tailored to your needs at specially discounted rates.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Accommodates Big Donations:

  • At UNITS®, we offer spacious containers that provide an ideal solution for thrift stores with substantial donations. This allows thrift stores to efficiently manage large contributions without crowding their premises or compromising organization.

Seasonal Inventory Management:

  • Thrift stores can seamlessly manage their seasonal inventory through UNITS® containers. These containers ensure that items are easily accessible when needed, while also offering secure storage during slower periods.

Donation Events Made Simple:

  • With UNITS® containers, managing donation events becomes a breeze. Our containers create a secure and designated area for incoming donations, streamlining thrift store collection and processing.

Off-site Donation Collection:

  • UNITS® containers play a pivotal role in off-site collection efforts, such as coat drives. Thrift stores can broaden their reach by easily collecting items from various locations. The containers ensure safe storage until items are ready for distribution.

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse:

  • Our climate-controlled warehouse in Lithia Springs provides the perfect solution for temperature-sensitive items like antiques and wooden furniture. This ensures that valuable items retain their condition and worth over time.

Overflow Storage Solution:

  • Thrift stores grappling with overflow storage challenges can rely on UNITS® containers. These containers effectively handle excess inventory during peak seasons or special sales, preventing clutter and upholding a pleasant shopping atmosphere.

Large Capacity for Big Sales:

  • The spacious 12′ and 16′ UNITS® containers shine during significant sales or clearance events. Capable of holding up to 6,000 and 8,000 pounds respectively, these containers ensure surplus items are readily available to meet customer demand.

Oversized Items and Furniture:

  • The roomy interiors of UNITS® containers are perfect for storing oversized furniture and bulky items. This simplifies logistics for thrift stores and aids in effectively managing a diverse inventory.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

For thrift stores seeking an adaptable solution, UNITS® containers offer the perfect fit. These containers are tailored to meet the distinct demands of thrift establishments, addressing challenges posed by fluctuating inventory levels. UNITS® containers seamlessly accommodate substantial donations, seasonal items, and overflow storage, thanks to their versatile features. With the capacity to hold up to 6,000 pounds in a 12′ container and 8,000 pounds in a 16′ container, thrift stores can confidently manage a diverse range of items, including larger furniture pieces that often pose inventory hurdles. This operational enhancement optimizes space utilization and ensures a streamlined store layout.

Moreover, donation events and offsite collection endeavors, like coat drives, are simplified by UNITS® containers. They provide a secure and easily accessible space for storing incoming donations, safeguarding items from the elements and offering thrift stores added peace of mind during outdoor events. Additionally, UNITS®’ climate-controlled storage warehouse protects temperature-sensitive items like antiques and wooden furniture. This facility preserves the value of these items over time and offers convenient offsite storage options for longer-term needs.

UNITS® containers align with thrift stores’ dedication to sustainability and efficient resource management. These containers offer a cost-effective and practical storage solution, reducing the necessity for expensive external storage facilities and minimizing transportation demands as we manage all transportation logistics. This approach contributes to cost savings and a more eco-conscious inventory management strategy. As thrift stores strive to create organized and shopper-friendly environments, UNITS® containers become essential in maintaining order, optimizing space, and ensuring easy access for staff and patrons alike.


Contact UNITS® of Atlanta

Thrift stores can effortlessly engage with UNITS® of Atlanta for their storage requirements through multiple accessible avenues. Our Instant Quote Form, available on the website, delivers swift and tailored estimates. Alternatively, a direct phone call enables detailed discussions about specific storage needs. What distinguishes UNITS® is our dedication to local ownership and operation, ensuring a personalized touch and an innate understanding of community storage needs. Furthermore, thrift stores seeking enhanced storage solutions can tap into our National Accounts Program, unlocking specialized services and discounts tailored to their unique operational necessities. Let UNITS® of Atlanta empower your thrift store’s success from every angle – make contact today!