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UNITS® is an Salt Lake City moving and storage service that lets you move at your own pace. When you choose UNITS®, you don't have to rent a truck or rush to get everything packed within the span of a few hours. You can also do things your way instead of having a moving professional looking over your shoulder providing (unsolicited) advice.

How does it work? UNITS® drops off a high-quality portable storage container at the moving site for as long as you need it, allowing you to move gradually instead of all at once. Being able to move on your own terms eliminates much of the stress and exhaustion commonly associated with moving day. When you're ready to have your container taken to a storage facility or new location, give your local UNITS® office a call and they'll take care of the transportation for you.

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Advantages of Picking UNITS® Moving and Storage in Salt Lake City

  • Affordability: UNITS® offers the most competitive pricing in the moving and portable storage industry. Get great service at a reasonable price!

  • Security: UNITS® containers and warehousing facilities are equipped to secure your belongings 24/7. With UNITS®, store your valuable possessions in confidence.

  • Weather Resistance: Constructed from breathable materials, our portable storage units don't accumulate moisture and mold, keeping your belongings safe from the elements.

  • Size Options: Choose from 12' and 16' container sizes to ensure you get enough space for your moving and storage project.

  • Easy Loading: UNITS' ground-level storage container design eliminates the need for loading ramps and lets you safely maneuver your belongings into the container without having to deal with elevation changes.

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