Portable Storage Containers: Pro-Tips for Packing Your Unit

Trying to pack and haul belongings can quickly become an overwhelming project. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your belongings will be well protected inside a portable storage container on their way to their new destination. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of portable storage containers, helpful tools and supplies for moving, how to prepare your items for moving, and the correct way to load your unit for a successful and safe trip.


If you’re looking for the most convenient moving solution, portable storage containers can’t be beat! The process of renting, loading and unloading, and driving a moving truck around town or even across states can be a challenge! You may also need to buy insurance or be held liable for goods that get damaged while you’re driving it. Why not skip all that hassle and work with UNITS to experience a stress-free moving experience? You can choose between a 14 ft or 16 ft portable storage container that will be delivered to your driveway or business. Once it’s there, you can easily pack your unit. You’ll love being able to walk in and out of your unit effortlessly without have to walk up a steep ramp to haul heavy items.

Should you need to store the unit before moving it to its final destination, we are happy to store it in our climate controlled warehouse that is clean and secure. If you’re ready to move once it’s pack, just let us know where we need to take it to and it will be waiting for you there! Moving with a portable storage container provides the ultimate flexibility and convenience that is helpful for making life a lot easier.

Supplies for Packing and Moving

With any project, having the right tools can make all the difference. When it comes to packing a portable storage container, there are supplies that will help with the efficiency and quality of your move. For getting items in and out, having a commercial dolly or hand cart is essential. You’ll want to use it for not only moving heavy items, but also moving multiple boxes at once. Letting the dolly handle the heavy lifting as to eliminate the risk of injuring yourself as you load in and out.

In terms of actually packing up items, we recommend grabbing some plastic or cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, stretch plastic wrap, furniture pads, mattress bags, newsprint paper, and any specialized packing kits such as glassware or dish packing kits. Since protecting your items with these supplies may be the difference between minimal moving damage, and having to buy all new household items, don’t skimp! Buy more than you think you will need and use all of it, you’ll thank yourself later. The last thing you won’t want to forget is a couple of loading straps for holding everything together. Once you’ve loaded everything up these will be what helps your neat pack job stay as pretty as when you first packed it!

Preparing items for the unit

Once you’ve got all the supplies you need, it’s time to prep your belongings for their travels! Any soft furniture that has surfaces that could potentially be scraped, torn, or damaged should be wrapped in the plastic stretch wrap. If said furniture has any sharp corners or edges, furniture pads should be placed over these areas before wrapping to keep other items from being damaged. Blankets are often used in lieu of mattress pads, but if they come dislodged during the moved you may be left with a sharp edge ready to damage items shifting around inside the unit.

Plastic or cardboard moving boxes are great for most any items that will fit, however we recommend plastic storage bins for anything that may be especially prone to breakage. The newsprint paper is perfect for wrapping items in and stuffing into open areas inside your boxes. The less room there is for items to slide around, the more likely your belongings will be damage free! Any lamps should be packed separately with their lightbulbs removed. With everything properly wrapped, boxed and organized you are ready to start the final process!

Tips for loading a portable storage container

Now that all of your valuables are properly wrapped, take a moment to identify which of your items are the most heavy and bulky. You’ll want to start your packing process by placing these belongings in a line along the center of your unit, as opposed to all the way in the back. Due to the way that portable storage containers are moved around, having a balanced unit will help it stay level, thus maintaining the integrity of the contents inside. That being said, once you have your large items inside, start filling empty spaces with the next heaviest items, placing less heavy items on top as you go.

Before you know it you will have a beautifully organized portable storage container! Once you pack most of your items, it is a good idea to have a mattress or flat piece(es) of cardboard available to help with the final step. Take your broad and relatively flat item and position it so it creates a sort of wall between the contents and the rest of the remaining space in the portable storage container. You will then use the straps to secure your wall in place. The more straps to enforce this barrier, the better. This will make sure that your belongings are secure in their spots with little chance of flying across to the empty side of the unit, or jamming your door. Once the unit arrives at its new destination you’ll be thrilled to find that everything is just where you left it! Now that you’ve got the rundown on how to pack your unit for optimal performance, what are you waiting for? Request a quote from UNITS Moving and Portable Storage today!

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