November Catch-Up With Renee at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of San Antonio

Every so often, we like to catch up with Renee at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of San Antonio. As the manager of this business, Renee is in charge of customer service. She knows a great deal about San Antonio and is happy to help with any of your storage or moving needs. Just give her a call!

Peter: Hey, Renee! How's the last month been? It's been a while since we talked last. How are things going for portable storage in San Antonio?

Renee: Last month was pretty good. This month we are not doing too good right now. But we are out there marketing. Hopefully, we will do better.

Peter: Last time we talked, you said you were going to be out at the Jazz Festival, how was that?

Renee: It was great. I got a couple of new rentals from there. I did go to a church event too. I got a couple people from there as well.

Peter: Nice! What church did you go to? What was the event?

Renee: It was at St. Thomas Catholic Church and it was a festival they had.

Peter: What kind of festival was it?

Renee: It was a festival for feeding the homeless. They were raising money for Christmas to give out gifts and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Peter: It’s so important to support the community. Circling back to storage, things are slowing down right now, which is totally understandable. It’s getting cold, so you know people aren't moving as often.Do you think you're probably going to see more commercial business than you're going to see residential business during the winter?

Renee: Hopefully, I should be seeing something soon. I'm going to a luncheon tomorrow and it's nothing but contractors, painters, all kinds of people will be there. Hopefully, I can get some new business by attending that even.

Peter: That’s great. What is the name of that luncheon?

Renee: It's just a luncheon. I'm not exactly sure. One of the companies that rents from us, Swift Moverz, they had invited me to a luncheon. But he said it was going to be like a lot of contractors there, a lot of painters, like people who own all kinds of businesses.

Peter: That's awesome! Have you ever been part of a community business group before like that?

Renee: No, not in San Antonio.

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Peter: Have you met any interesting new customers, whether they're residential or commercial?

Renee: I do have one interesting one. I finally met a customer in person, so that's one good thing. It was an older couple who came to get another unit. I finally met the gentleman yesterday.

Peter: I remember you said people didn't come to the office very often. What was he in there for? Just getting another unit?

Renee: He was just popping by. He didn't know exactly where it was and he was just popping by to go to the AT&T Center for a Spurs game, so I'm not exactly sure. He said he wanted to get pictures. He was like, “Oh, here is the UNITS Portable Storage warehouse, so let me stop by.”

Peter: Did you have a good time talking with him?  

Renee: Yes, I did. He was just interesting and, one good thing, he owned his own lawn service, so that's one good thing and he's from New Braunfels, so that's another community we can reach out to.

Peter: Do you remember the name of his lawn company?

Renee: He owns Hill Country Lawn Service.

Peter: Aside from the luncheon, do you have any other marketing events scheduled for this month?

Renee: No other events right now, but I have two luncheons in two days

Peter: One thing I didn't ask you last time that I wanted to make sure I asked concerns tips for renters. Do you have any tips or tricks for people who are renting portable storage? Like anything people may not know right off the bat that you think would be a fun tip?

Renee: No, not really. I mean, we are running a special where I'm giving 25 dollars off the first month's rent.

Peter: That's always good to know. Have you guys gotten any new team members since the last month?

Renee: No, it's just me and Gilbert.

Peter: Yeah! You and Gilbert. I love Gilbert!

Renee: Yeah, right now it's just us.

Peter: Have you guys reached any milestones or have there been any celebratory moments or celebrations during the last month?

Renee: We did have a team picnic with everyone from Lockaway Storages and then UNITS, but other than that, no, nothing else. I did make a cake, a UNITS cake! I'll have to send you that picture!

Peter: Yes, please do. What kind of cake was the UNITS cake?

Renee: It looked just like a portable unit. It was square, just like it. I printed out the logo and put it on the side of the cake. Made it look like it was a portable storage unit

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