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Working with a Realtor: 10 Best Practices

Buying a house can be a taxing process, but working with a realtor you trust can make it a lot easier. It's important to know what to ask when interviewing potential realtors and how to conduct yourself once you decide on one with these top 10 best practi

Top 3 Places to Buy a Beach House this Year

Throw out the notion that you can only afford a beach house if you're a millionaire. These top 3 beach towns are affordable, beautiful, and perfect for families of every life stage. It's time to turn that vacation spot into a new primary home!

How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Beach Vacation House

Don't you wish your home felt like you were steps away from the ocean? These are the best ways to incorporate nautical living into your home decor to achieve the feel of coastal living.

Asking Friends To Help You Move: An Etiquette Guide

When getting ready to move, you probably jump at the idea of asking friends to help. But there is a proper way to treat people helping you with a move, no matter how great of friends you are. Here are our best tips for asking friends to help you move.

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Spa-Like

There are few things more relaxing than a spa day. But did you know that they are specifically designed to make you feel comfortable and zen? You can create your own relaxing place away from it all with these five design tips!