Have you been longing for a move to Central City, AZ? Then make sure that you do not miss an opportunity to move to this beautiful place in Phoenix. We can help you pounce on this chance as soon as you can. How can we help? Well, we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage provide wondrous services involving containers, storage facilities and more.  

In other words, we are a locally owned business that aims to cover all the requirements that you need for your moving requirements. UNITS offers a convenient moving process that is equipped with the newest innovative technology.  

For one example, our ROBO-Lift® technology allows us to deliver our containers to your doorstep without the chance of any damages. ROBO-Lift® technology allows us to elevate your container to navigate obstacles that would otherwise impede container delivery such as narrow streets or tight parking.

We encourage our customers to take their time loading their containers. Once you are finished with storing your possession in one of our high-end containers, you can simply let us know whether you want it transported to your new location, or at our climate-controlled storage facility.   

As a company that shares the same local roots of the customers that we serve, we make sure that our services, and your desire to move is not a burden on your pockets. For affordable, reliable, and stress-free services, call us at (480) 360-5666, and get your free quote today! 

Planning a move to Central City, Phoenix AZ? Here is why it’s a great location.

Like the name suggests, Central City is located at the centre of Arizona. This central location makes it easier to explore the entirety of the city. The community around this area is culturally diverse, and progressive.  

The Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix 

Speaking of cultural diversity, the Japanese Friendship Garden is a symbolic destination that focuses on the sentiment of cultural diversity. Entering into it, you feel as if you have entered Japan. The sculptures, koi ponds and lush greenery are on full display. 

Utilities Stores in the Region

Settling into a new location takes time. It is hard to build the same comfort level that you have with your old home.  Here are some locations that offer great home supplies, such as foam wraps and boxes. 

Concept Hardware 

3230 E Washington St,

 Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States  

+1 209-595-3810 

The Home Depot 

660 AZ-95, Bullhead City,

 AZ 86429, United States

+1 928-754-5600 

Six Points Hardware 

1409 N 19th Ave, 

Phoenix AZ 85009, United States 

+1 602-252-6157 

Are you planning on a move to Central city? We at UNITS are a business you can rely on. Get a free quote on one of our containers today, or call us at (480) 360-5666 now!

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