Local and Long-Distance Moving Services for Miami Springs Residents

Are you looking to move to Miami Springs soon? Interested in moving out? Well, you’ve come to the right place: UNITS of Miami serves those looking for low-cost, high-quality, and trustworthy moving services by combining our UNITS storage containers with our simple 4-step process. Give us a call today at (786) 254-0024 and we will be happy to speak more with you!

We break moving down into four easy steps: deliver, load, transport, and unpack! The first step involves UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami delivering you one of our patented UNITS storage containers so that we can transport it to your new home. Take as long as you like to load the storage container and give us a call at (786) 254-0024 if you need any help! We will always be willing to lend some extra hands, especially if you’re moving alone or have a lot to move.

Then, schedule another convenient date and time for you so that we can come back and pick up your UNITS storage container to transport to your new home. After, take your time unpacking and just let us know when you are finished so that we can collect the storage container.

The idea of using a portable storage container to move all your valuables may seem a little intimidating at first. But read on to see why our UNITS are truly the best and safest way to move!

Our storage containers each come fully-equipped with the following:

  • Translucent roofs to let in natural light for easy loading
  • Steel framing
  • Weather-resistant properties to protect against wind, water, mold, dust, etc.
  • E-Track straps to hold your cargo in place during transportation
  • Easy, ground-level loading options
  • Secure locking system that ensures you are the only person that has access to the UNIT

Cheap and Reliable Portable Storage Containers In Miami Springs, FL

Not planning to move anytime soon? No problem, you can still use UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami to help you with any of your long-term or short-term self-storage needs in Miami Springs! To learn more about how we can help you with portable storage, just fill out the quick form or give us a call at (786) 254-0024!

If you have time, schedule an appointment with us to check out our state-of-the-art storage facility before you choose UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami to help you with your long-term storage needs. Our facility is surveillanced, weather-controlled, and clean: everything that a storage facility should be!

We also offer our customers access to our exclusive ROBO technology. This piece of equipment helps us reach those narrow driveways or cul-de-sacs in Miami Springs that may not offer a lot of space to move in. The ROBO can lift up to 7,000 pounds and helps avoid any shifting or breaking during movement with our UNIT storage containers.

Fun Places To See and Do In Miami Springs

Ready to explore what Miami Springs has to offer after you’ve settled down? Check out the following to find some fun things to do in this beautiful city today!

Miami Springs Golf : Established in 1923, this golf course is known by locals as the best of the best in Miami Springs. The country club offers an 18 hole course and even a practice facility during night hours (the only facility to do so in this area).

Curtiss Mansion: Built in 1925, Curtiss Mansion is acknowledged on the National Register of Historic Places. After undergoing immense reconstruction, the mansion is open to the public for tours, and as a wedding or corporate venue.

Biscayne Bay : Biscayne Bay is home to the Miami Port and offers visitors a chance to explore the Miami area through a variety of tours, recreational activities like fishing, swimming, sailing, and more!

Try moving or storing with our UNITS storage containers today by calling (786) 254-0024 or filling out the quote form above!

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