So, is your love for North Virginia making you think over the move to Yorktown? Well, if that is the case, then we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can turn your thoughts into a reality. Our services allow people that have the desire to move to another location to start a fresh chapter in their lives. 

How do we do that? Well, we provide our customers with excellent moving services. These services involve the delivery of our UNITS containers. With only one call, we will be at your location with our containers. 

You will also have at your disposal our ROBO-Lift® technology that keeps your belongings safe despite the bumpy roads and tight traffic conditions. Not to mention, we provide our customers all the time they need to pack their belongings, and facilitate them by giving access to our climate controlled storage facility. 

If the only thing stopping your from making a move to Yorktown is the tiring and costly moving process, then we have amazing solutions for you. By relying on us, we will provide you with the best moving services in the industry.

Do you wish to move to Yorktown? Make sure you Visit these local attractions

Just a few miles from Fort Myers, Yorktown is a residential area that provides people incredible opportunities to engulf themselves in the beauty of nature. Moreover, Yorktown is a residential stop, with plenty of houses and apartment complexes at a location that connects you to the best places in Arlington. 

Potomac Overlook Regional Park 

Located just beside the streaming Potomac River, and just a few miles from Yorktown, is the Potomac Overlook Regional Park, a highly rated destination with an abundance of wildlife experiences and many recreational trails. This park has trails that will suit people of all ages, from easygoing strolls, to challenging rock hopping.  

Little Pimmet Run access Point

This is a point within the Yorktown area. It is a safe haven for the family that is leads you straight to the beautiful Rock Spring Park. 

Packing Supplies and Boxes

Packing supplies such as boxes are tools that can make your life easier once you move to another location. If you plan to shift to Yorktown, then below are the home improvement stores near the place where you can get them. 

The Home Depot

6210 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States


Brown’s Hardware

100 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046, United States


Bill’s True Value Hardware

2213 N Buchanan St, Arlington, VA 22207, United States


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