Glencarlyn is a summer-loving residential retreat for Washingtonians. However, it is also open and friendly to anyone that wants to change their current living arrangement into something better. If you wish to travel to this residential neighborhood of Arlington, then you can count on us to assist you with your move to Glencarlyn.  

We at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage provide you with moving services that will help make your move to Glencarlyn easy and convenient. With our assistance, you will have the best moving services that you can think of. 

We protect and care for your belongings by integrating innovative technology into your moving services. For example, our ROBO-Lift® services make sure that your possessions stay safe during delivery. We also provide climate controlled storage facility to our customers. 

Since we place incredibly high value on customer service, our efforts rely heavily on customer satisfaction, affordability and convenience. As a locally owned business, we are well aware of the obstacles you can face when you are looking to make your move. 

This is why our service aims to solve those problems and gets you going with the move to Arlington County. To get a free quote, call UNITS at (540) 369-4595 today! 

Arlington County is a Great and Humble Location! Check out these Local Attractions in Glencarlyn

For people that fully trust the benefits of forest therapy, Glencarlyn in Virginia is the ultimate neighborhood. Along with many urbanized parks and historic venues, it is surrounded by the most luscious and mystical forests, waiting to be explored.  

Long Branch Nature Center and Park

This nature park and wildlife sanctuary is the true embodiment of how you can combine an education with recreation and fun. Here, you can immerse in the Virginian wildlife, relax, or take an adventurous hike. 

Moving Supplies and Home Improvement Stores in Glencarlyn 

Moving to a new location is tough. This is especially when you do not possess the equipment and tools to settle all your belongings. For this reason, you must keep track of home improvement stores in Glencarlyn. 

The Home Depot

6210 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States


Pro Desk at The Home Depot

6210 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States



6100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States


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