Moving and Portable Storage in Miami Lakes, FL

Rent High-Quality Self-Storage and Moving Containers From UNITS In Miami Lakes

With over hundreds of moving and self-storage companies in Miami Lakes, make the best decision for you and your family by choosing UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami.

The Trusted, Simple UNITS Process

The UNITS process has been replicated and used all across the United States: it truly is the most trusted, efficient, and the best in the industry. First, let us help you select the best sized UNITS storage container for you and your needs. Then, we will come to you to drop off the UNIT, giving you unlimited time in between then and the pick-up. Call us at (786) 254-0024 if you need assistance, and we will be happy to send you one of our expert movers to assist you with packing or unloading your container. After everything is secured inside our storage container, we will come back to pick up your UNIT and transport it to your new home or to our storage facility.

High-Quality UNITS Storage Containers

Each of our storage containers is equipped with steel framing, translucent roofing, and weatherproof properties. Made of durable material, our moving and portable storage containers prevent mold and water from building up, as well as heavy-duty strapping systems that secure your items during transportation. In addition to our containers, we also offer our customers usage of our special moving technology known as the ROBO. This equipment has been vital in getting our storage containers into tight and narrow spaces (such as cul-de-sacs, driveways, etc.).

Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

Our storage facility is unlike other abandoned, dirty warehouses that you may have previously seen or heard about. 24/7 surveillanced, our storage facility keeps away any insects, dust, mold, and other intruders from entering your storage unit. Feel free to schedule a visit before choosing our long-term services by calling (786) 254-0024 today!

Ultimate Things To Do In Miami Lakes

Home to around 30,000 residents and over a thousand businesses, Miami Lakes is one of the younger cities in the Miami area. To start exploring this quaint area, check out theShulas Golf Club or Main Street today!

The Shulas Golf Club spans over 500 acres, offering players of all skill levels a chance to enjoy a round of golf. The country club features The Original Shula’s Steak House, one of the best upscale dining restaurants, as well as Shula’s Hotel, a homey place to relax after a strenuous day of golf.

Main Street comprises of restaurants, retail stores, apartments, hotels, theaters, and offices, making it the perfect place to socialize in Miami Lakes. The center is paved with red bricks, features Mediterranean architecture, and dotted with oak trees and elegant fountains.

Insider Tips and Tricks For Moving to Miami Lakes

In a recent interview with The New York Times, UNITS’ founder, Michael McAlhany, details some of the most common moving mistakes he sees with customers. Check them out below and to see how you can avoid making these same mistakes:

  1. Rushing

If you wait until the last minute to get everything packed, you run the risk of forgetting things and most importantly, damaging your items. It is recommended that you take your time packing, which is why UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami is perfect for you! We give you an unlimited amount of time to pack your UNIT, thereby avoiding the risk of forgetting things and doing damage to your items.

  1. Improper packing

The right packing materials can make a big difference. You can visit local hardware stores or buy moving supplies straight from UNITS Moving and Portable Storage . We offer a variety of packing materials, such as moving boxes, mattress covers, packing peanuts, and more!

  1. Not supporting top-heavy items

Top-heavy items are especially susceptible to damage during movement and transportation, so we recommend that you stack packed boxes between the legs and up the underside of the object to balance out the weight.

Check out the article to read more!

UNITS Containers Designed For You, Used By Customers Like You, and Loved All Over the United States: Try Them Out Today by Giving Us A Call At (786) 254-0024 or Complete the Form Above!

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