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Looking to Move to Hollywood, FL? Let UNITS Help!

Use UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami to make the most out of your big move to Hollywood, Florida! Our portable storage containers are a more effective and affordable way to move to your new home compared to traditional moving companies in Hollywood. The UNITS method for moving is hassle-free and really easy: first, take a couple of minutes to take our space size estimator to determine which sized UNITS portable storage container will best suit your needs. Then, prepare to sit back and relax as UNITS Moving and Portable Storage delivers you everything that you will need to make this a successful move. After we deliver your UNIT to you in Hollywood, you will have as much time as you need to fill it with your items. After, just give us a call back at (786) 254-0224 so that we can pick the storage container up and transport it to your new home. 

Our storage units differ from our competitors in that they provide the most security, weather protection, and accessibility compared to other storage container businesses in Hollywood. The last thing you want to happen is for a valuable item inside of your portable storage container to break. That’s why, we designed our patented UNITS with that in mind. Every storage container is equipped with a channel strapping system, which features special E-Track Straps that are used to tie down your belongings horizontally, vertically, and in other directions. Fill out the quote form above or call us at (786) 254-0224 to experience the benefits of UNITS in Hollywood, FL today!

UNITS Is the Top-Ranked Portable Storage Service in Hollywood, FL

While our storage containers have been used all across the United States for moving purposes, they are also exceptional solution for those interested in self-storage. We offer customers the option to keep their UNITS storage containers on their property in Hollywood or to have us transport their UNIT to our clean, safe warehouse location, which is fully secured, climate-controlled and invader-resistant.

Do you live in a cul-de-sac or do you plan to leave the storage container on your city’s street? This may prove to be extremely difficult without the right technology and the right storage company as it can be risky and tough to get the storage container into these narrow spaces. 

Fortunately, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami provides Hollywood residents access to our premier ROBO technology, equipment that no other storage company currently has access to! Our ROBO technology can offer you and your family mobility and flexibility in terms of where you wish to place your storage container by stabilizing and lowering the UNIT into tight spaces that other storage companies could never reach! This special technology is only available to UNITS customers, so be sure to call (786) 254-0224 today! 

Fun Places To Visit In Hollywood, FL!

Looking to unwind and relax? Check out these attractions below to make the most of your day in Hollywood, FL!

Hollywood Beach: Located right in between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, the Hollywood Beach is home to picturesque sceneries and a boardwalk that has been named one of America’s Best Beach Boardwalks. Also located conveniently close by are luxury hotels, theatres, restaurants, and more!

Le Tub: First opened in 1959, the burger joint is known to have long lines spilling out of the restaurant on a daily basis. Le Tub is the best place to grab some food after a jog on Hollywood Boardwalk or a relaxing day at Hollywood Beach. 

Anne Kolb Nature Center: The Anne Kolb Nature Center is one of the largest urban parks in Florida, currently offering the residents of Hollywood a variety of activities and spaces: fishing, biking, jogging, observation tower, picnic areas, and more!

Home Improvement Stores In The Hollywood, FL Area 

In addition to working with the right moving company, you will also need to work with the right moving supplies in order to ensure that your valuables don’t get damaged during transportation. Check out the hardware stores below in the Hollywood, FL area to purchase some common moving supplies!

ABC Lumber & Hardware

4010 N 28th Terrace, 

Hollywood, FL 33020

(954) 289-6222

Harbor Freight Tools

104 N 28th Ave, 

Hollywood, FL 33020

(954) 923-2189

The Home Depot

3401 Oakwood Blvd, 

Hollywood, FL 33020

(954) 922-7886

Need some expert help moving to Hollywood, FL? Either fill out the quote form above or give us a call at (786) 254-0224 to talk to UNITS of Miami Moving and Portable Storage of Miami today!

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