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Moving presents new challenges for those that are not constantly packing their bags and relocating. That’s why, it is essential that you work with a company that is knowledgeable about the moving process to save time, energy, and money!

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami always puts the customers’ interests first. We believe that your satisfaction and happiness are the most important aspects of our service, so we will always be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have at (786) 254-0224! 

The UNITS process can be broken down into four, easy steps. The first is for UNITS to drop off one of our portable storage containers at your home. We make sure that we work with your schedule by providing an array of possible dates and times for drop-off that you can choose from. The second step is for you to fill the container with any items you may need to relocate or store. But don’t worry! We’re right there with you. If you need any assistance with loading or unloading your UNIT, just give us a call at (786) 254-0224 and we will be there for you! In addition, remember that you have an unlimited amount of time to pack your items; the last thing we want to do is add unnecessary stress to your life. That being said, if you can’t pack your UNITS moving and portable storage container by your scheduled date, just give us a call to reschedule. 

Next, sit back and relax as UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami transports your container to your new location, whether that be in Doral or cities away. Fill out the above quote form to give moving a try with the help of UNITS storage containers! 

Secure Portable Storage Containers in Doral, FL

UNITS doesn’t only provide moving services: our reliable storage containers can also help those in Doral with their self-storage needs. The same UNITS process is used, just that you have the option of leaving your portable storage container on your property or at our storage facility. 

Bad weather? No problem. Our containers are designed so that they protect your items against mother nature: they are sturdy, water-resistant, mold-resistant, equipped with translucent roofing, and more! Our storage facility also works to do the same, blocking out any insects, dust, and other intruders. 

Narrow spaces? No problem. UNITS Moving and Portable Storage makes it easy for us to maneuver the UNIT into these tight areas with the help of our ROBO-Lift technology. This piece of equipment can lift up to 7,000 pounds and ensures that your items won’t shift or break inside of the container as we lift and lower the portable storage container into the desired space. Give it a try today by calling (786) 254-0224!

Things You Need to See And Do In Doral

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your weekend in Doral, FL? Check out some of these attractions below:

Trump International Golf: First opened in 1962, the Trump International Golf Course is the most renowned resort in the state of Florida. The luxury golf resort offers the following courses: Blue Monster, The Red Tiger, The Golden Palm, and The Silver Fox.  

Downtown Doral: Downtown Doral offers living options, job opportunities, educational institutions, and fun shops for residents far and near Doral. 

Univision Network: Tour the #1 Spanish-speaking multimedia company in the US here! Popular shows such as Despierta America, Gordo y Flaca, and Sabado Gigante were shot at this television station.

Doral Hardware Stores For DIY Home Improvement Projects

Are you looking to renovate your home in Doral, FL? The following hardware stores can provide you with the necessary supplies that you will need to do any kind of home improvement project. 

Doral Ace Hardware
10758-60 NW 58th St, 
Miami, FL 33178
(305) 406-1072

Jinox Architectural Hardware
2793 NW 79th Ave, 
Doral, FL 33122
(305) 443-9999

Feyco Hardware
1740 NW 93rd Ave, 
Doral, FL 33172
(305) 597-3874

Get the moving and self-storage services that you deserve: call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Miami today at (786) 254-0224 or fill out the quote form above! 

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