Are you looking to move to the Blue Diamond neighborhood of Las Vegas, Nevada? Not sure what moving company to trust with your belongings? UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Las Vegas is here to help make your move a breeze! Our advanced portable storage containers and experienced, local employees make UNITS the number one choice for convenience and flexibility.

The UNITS process is exceptionally simple: just give us a call at (702) 602 6015 and we will determine how best to meet your needs and send everything you need directly to you. Once you have your unit, you can take as long as you need to pack and organize. Just give us a call when you are ready for pick up, and your stuff will get moving to your new home.

Our storage units are exceptionally designed to keep even the most fragile items safe and secure. Every container is designed to be water, mold, and UV resistant, and built with full steel frames to resist all sorts of impact damage. We also equip all our units with E-Track securing systems, the industry-standard rail mounting system for belts, cords, and other elements necessary for securing your items. We strive every day to improve the quality and reliability of our storage solutions, so give us a call today at (702) 602 6015 to learn more about how UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Las Vegas can help you protect the things you love.

UNITS Is the Top-Ranked Portable Storage Service in Blue Diamond

We love helping customers move, but we are also proud of our work as a secure and stable self-storage location. If you have seasonal items or and excess of stuff you need to store, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Las Vegas is the safest place to store it. You can keep our units on-site if you value quick access to your items, or let us store it in our secure, climate-controlled facilities for maximum security and stability.

If you live in a cul de sac or on a tight city street, it may be difficult for most loading companies to effectively deliver their storage options directly to you in a convenient fashion. Luckily, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Las Vegas has a special proprietary technology called the ROBO-Lift. The ROBO-Lift is a loading and moving robot that allows us to load and unload our units from the truck and move them deftly into and around tight spaces. The ROBO-Lift allows us to fit UNITS storage solutions in spaces that no other competitor can with ease! If you are interested in the potential of this technology to work for you, call us today at (702) 602 6015 to learn more.

Excellent Attractions Near Blue Diamond and Las Vegas, NV!

Looking to unwind and relax? Check out these attractions below to make the most of your day in Blue Diamond, Las Vegas!

Bonnie Springs Ranch

Bonnie Springs Ranch is a beautiful recreation area that once included an 1880s western town replica and a zoo. It is located on 63.86 acres (25.84 ha) in the Mojave Desert, below the Spring Mountains in the Red Rock Canyon area, 20 miles west of Las Vegas. The ranch has natural oasis habitat, from the spring water surfacing there.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is a public recreation area located within the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada's Cottonwood Valley, five miles northwest of Blue Diamond, Nevada.

Home Improvement Stores In The Blue Diamond Las Vegas Area

In addition to working with the right moving company, you will also need to work with the right moving supplies in order to ensure that your valuables don’t get damaged during transportation. Check out the hardware stores below in the Blue Diamond, NV area to purchase some common moving supplies!

The Home Depot
7015 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89113

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