Winter clothing, even when not worn, is bulky and takes up room in your closet. As a consequence, during the summer months, you might wish to store your winter clothes somewhere else. But where should it be stored?

If you’re wondering the same thing, continue reading, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Houston is here to share some helpful tips!

Sealed Totes

It’s critical to keep winter clothing in a container or box with a tight seal because moisture can cause mildew and harm. Keeping your things in sealed bags with securely closed tops, which prevent water and other dampness from entering while they’re kept, prevents mold and damage.

Vacuum Bags

Consider compressing your winter clothing if you want to save space in your wardrobe. Vacuum bags are ideal for this. Separate bags should be used to keep outdoor winter apparel as flat as possible. After they’ve been vacuumed, seal the items and store them in a waterproof container.

Organize and Label

Indoor and outdoor winter clothing should be stored in separate containers. Labeling the boxes will help you figure out what they contain. If you buy individual boxes for each member of your family, bear in mind that they will take up more room in your storage container.

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