Need assistance with your big transition to Fall Creek, Texas? Finding help is as easy as picking up a phone. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Houston TX provides portable storage containers to help your relocation!

Once you are prepared to begin your move with UNITS®, we will provide one of our portable storage containers to you. We have the capability to safely provide your container no matter what street edges or vehicle driving situations thanks to our ROBO-UNIT® technology! 

Take your time packing up we urge our clients to take their time. Moving is a huge transition that is often stressful. When you are prepared to go, just send us the location. We will deliver the container filled with your items to your new residence or if needed, take it back to our secure storage space facility.

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Houston TX is run by business owners who are proudly from the Lone Star State. This means they are committed to providing the best service in Houston. Let us take the burden out of your relocation! Call us at (832) 9247578 to get your free quote today!


Moving to Fall Creek, Texas? Look at these local area interests!

Fall Creek is just 15 miles from downtown Houston. Houston is well known as a city that is a vibrant hub of cultural diversity and it is growing every day. There are so many new opportunities in Houston, it has more Fortune 500 companies than most large cities in the US. Also, there are more than 50,00 acres of land solely devoted to parks. Add in the warm weather to all these attributes and it is a great place to call home.


Lake Houston

Lake Houston is just 20 miles from Fall Creek so it would be the perfect day trip for some relaxation. There are several outdoor experiences from camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and more. It offers lush forest areas to explore and over miles of trails for a quiet weekend escape.


Miller Outdoor Theatre


Houston visitors like nothing better than sitting on a patch of grass in the warm weather and take in a free show. The Miller Outdoor Theatre is in the heart of Houston and its Museum District. People can enjoy all sorts of entertainment from concerts to movies. It is something that is on the list of don’t miss for sure.


Corkscrew Barbeque

If you are moving to Fall Creek, you must love Barbeque. Houston is well known for hosting the best restaurants in the state of Texas. Corkscrew BBQ is sure to please even the most discerning food expert. The menu ranges from Prime Brisket to a Pulled Pork, you can even create your own taste at this hometown favorite.


Moving Supplies & Packaging Boxes in Houston Texas

Boxes, foam cover as well as other moving essentials will help your belongings remain safe and secure. Find these supplies and whatever else you may require at these local home renovation and hardware stores:


Southland Hardware


1822 Westheimer Road

Houston, TX 77098

(713) 529-4743


The Home Depot


5445 W Loop South

Houston, TX 77081

(713) 662-3950


UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Houston TX is here to help you and your move to Fall Creek! Give us a call at (832) 9247578 today to get your free estimate. We look forward to speaking with you!

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