When it comes to moving, planning is everything. Choosing the right moving company is part of the planning process that can make all the difference. When you choose UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay CA as your moving company, we make the process as peaceful as possible. 


Here at UNITS®, we pride ourselves on customer service being our number one priority. To help ensure a tranquil experience, we developed our process with you in mind. We take the stress away of packing by allowing you to pack at your own pace and keep your UNITS® storage container for as long as you need. When you’re done loading, simply give us a call and we’ll pick up your container for transport and bring it to your new location or our secure and climate-controlled storage facility in Merced.


Another factor to our superior service lies within our amazing technology we use called ROBO-UNIT®. This state of the art technology can deliver your portable container regardless of the dimensions of your street and how small the road is. 


UNITS® is a locally owned and operated business ready to help you make a peaceful move to Merced. Give UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay CA a call at (925) 378-2679 to get your free estimate today.

Check out these attractions around Merced

Merced is a county in the state of California built on agriculture and as such nature and the great outdoors still plays a big part here. Yosemite is nearby and the county offers a great staging area lying just off Hwy 140. But Merced also has attractions of its own to entice travelers. The most well known is the Castle Air Museum but there are a number of other museums along with theaters, parks and zoos that are also worth seeing. 


County Courthouse Museum


The County Courthouse Museum is home to around 8500 square feet of exhibits exploring the history of Merced County and the surrounding area. The museum is situated in the three-storey courthouse building which, having been built in 1875, is one of the oldest buildings in the state of California. The museum is run by knowledgeable volunteers whose passion for Merced makes a trip even more memorable.


Lake Yosemite


Although actually a man-made reservoir, Lake Yosemite is still an area of beauty. The water, which is mainly used by growers of crops in the area, is also used by boaters and fishermen whilst still in the reservoir. The Sierra Foothills provide a stunning backdrop for the lake making it a perfect blend of natural and man made beauty.


Packing and storage supplies around Merced

If you’re moving, you’ll need a few supplies to get started. Here are a few stores where you can find everything you need.



3055 Loughborough Dr

Merced, CA 95348

(209) 384-1275


The Home Depot

1735 CA-140, Merced

CA 95341

(209) 722-2600


Let UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay CA help you on your move to Merced today. Call us at (925) 378-2679 for your free quote. 

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