Are you someone that is for a move to Cincinnati OH? Why not start by looking at Anderson Township? We at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati can help you get there with significant ease. How can we do that? Well to start with, we are a company whose strategies predicate upon helping the local community move to another location in hope to improve their lives. 

The first service of ours includes the delivery of our UNITS containers. These containers are a staple product of ours, and their sturdy and durable material promises individuals complete protection of their belongings.

Not only that, you also have to take into account some that the (portable storage company) containers come with the Robo-lift technology.  This keeps the containers nicely elevated from potential damage threats while on the road. 

To further prioritize safety, we also provide our clients with full access to a climate controlled storage facility. This facility equips our clients with a storage space in which they can store their valuable belongings without any worries about losing their possessions.

Since we originate from within local roots, it helps us empathize better with the local community better, and as a result it also helps us customize our operations to cater to the specific needs of the customer. Call us now at (513) 214-2813 and get a free quote on one of our UNITS containers.  

Visit Anderson and enjoy its local attractions 

Anderson is a township that sits along the river. Due to its close proximity with the river, this township offers an abundance of riverside activities. These include seafood restaurants, fishing, boating and more. 

Belterra Park Cincinnati

If you think Anderson Township, OH is too old school for you, then think again. Venues such as these offer places where you can gamble, feast, and socialize.  

Vineyard Golf Course

If you are a golfer that is looking for new interesting golfing spots that offer challenging holes and a well-maintained playing field, then the Vineyard Golf Course in Anderson can account for a wonderful evening. 

Packing and Supplies in Anderson 

With equipment such as tape, boxes and foam wraps at your disposal, settling in a new location becomes incredibly easier. Below you will find a list of home improvement stores that sell these products. 

The Home Depot

520 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45255, United States


Lowe’s Home Improvement

618 Mt Moriah Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45245, United States


Home Outlet Cincinnati, OH

609 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45245, United States


Remember to call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Cincinnati at (513) 214-2813 and get a free quote on our services.

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