With the right packing methods, you can save on both money and space! You don’t have to choose between saving money and saving space when it comes to storing your possessions. You can store your things effectively and still save some cash with good packing methods! Continue reading for some useful suggestions from UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Chicago.

Types of boxes and containers for your belongings

Filing boxes are an excellent method to save space. They can be stacked and kept, yet they can also contain larger objects. Consider utilizing wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes organized. Vertical storage may be accomplished effectively with the help of suitable storage containers!

Stacking and storing with efficiency

When folding laundry, make sure to avoid creases and that everything fits correctly. Towels, duvets, throws, and comforters should all be folded flat before being stored. Consider selling or giving away anything you don’t have enough space for if you’re running out of room in your boxes and bins.

Disassemble furniture

When you’re ready to store your furniture, double-check that all of it will fit. To ensure that they fit properly, all elements should be taken apart. Remove table legs from the table and stack things on top of one another to save space in the unit if possible.

UNITS has portable storage containers to help you keep everything in one convenient location. We hope that by following these packing hints, you will be able to make the most of yours as soon as possible! Whether you are moving or simply need the extra space, call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Chicago today!

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