Moving to your new home in Underwood Hills? UNITS is here for you!

Excited about settling into your new home but stressed about the moving process? Don’t be! UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Underwood Hills is here to help! The process is simple and UNITS does all the hard work, so you don’t have to! 

Simply call (678) 235-9035 to get a quote for the right size container for your move and schedule a time and date for UNITS to drop it off.  UNITS will give you the time and space you need to load up your container, so all you need to do is schedule a pick up time and we’ll be there to handle the rest! We’ll either transport your container to your new home or even place it in one of our storage facilities until you’re ready to unload. And when it’s empty, we get it out of your way! 

That’s it! Give us a call at (678) 235-9035 to get started!


Check out these things to do and see in your new home of Underwood Hills!

Underwood Hills is a family-oriented neighborhood of the upper-west side of Atlanta. With a diverse culture, residential and commercial blend, Underwood is a great place to experience the robust Atlanta feel with the peace and quiet of Georgia living.


Golf enthusiasts or just looking for a fun night with some friends, Topgolf is on of the country’s premier entertainment venues, and there is one right here in your new backyard! 100% climate controlled, full service restaurant and bar and over 200 HDTVs, being bored is simply not an option.  Worried about not being a golfer? It doesn’t even matter! Topgolf is all about spending time with family and friends, so don’t worry about being Tiger Woods!

Bold Monk Brewing Company

Sure, ATL has got some serious food and drink offerings, but this outer-city brewery is holding it’s own against the big city hustle! Besides a lengthy and rotating beer selection, Bold Monk offers a full cocktail and wine list, coffee and artisan hot-chocolates. Not to mention a food menu that will have you ordering one of everything.  Great food and great culture, right here in your new backyard

Sometimes you need a little extra help, these places are here for you!

City of Atlanta Public Works:

Metro Bolt:

1225 Logan Circle

Atlanta, GA 30318

(404) 355-2296

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