The Many Girlfriends of Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter recently announced that he will retire when the 2014 baseball season come to an end. Derek Jeter is statistically the greatest Yankee to ever play the game, which says a lot coming from a team that by far has more World Series wins than anyone one in Major League Baseball. Apart from his historic career on the field,
Derek Jeter has also has a hall of fame like career off the field when it comes to dating high profile beautiful women.

Here at Units Portable Storage we have decided to honor baseball’s superstar by creating an infographic on his most memorable girlfriends. Below you can find the ultimate baseball fantasy team of girlfriends that Derek Jeter has been able to assemble. The high profile star has never been known for his ability to be tied to
one woman so if you are prepared to date Derek Jeter you better prepare yourself to emotionally move on rather quickly. We may not be able to help you emotionally move on but when you physically need to move Units is here to help.

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